Pool Tile Cleaning

When the weather becomes toasty most of us head to our swimming pools for a refreshing dip.   As a result of frequent use, body oils from swimmers, debris, and other dirt is bound to float on the water, eventually collecting on the tiles and on the perimeter of the walls of the pool.  After a while, this buildup can give your pool a rather dingy, neglected look.pool tile cleaning

To keep your pool tiles free from stubborn stains and algae deposits, regular and proper pool tile cleaning and maintenance is essential. You can remove calcium scales, stubborn grout spots, and water-line scum on your own.  With the right tools, you can give your pool tiles a clean and shiny look. You just have to be prepared to perform some extensive work.


On a pole, affix a sponge that has a small amount of detergent. Proceed in cleaning the tiles on one end of the pool and work your way around it until you get to the point where you started from. After doing so, scrub off dirt from the water line with the use of an abrasive pad.

Aluminum Brush

Use an aluminum brush in the same way that you would with a sponge in pool tile cleaning. Attach it on the tips of a pole, apply a small amount of detergent on it and work you way around your pool all the while scrubbing its tiles clean. Make sure that you do not scrub too hard as this might scratch or damage the tiles.

Tile Brush

This is the best tool to remove calcium scale and other kinds of deposits on your pool tiles. This hand-held brush will effectively scrub off the dirt without harming the grout. After using the brush, follow it up with a soft pumice stone. This will further facilitate the removal of stubborn spots on the tiles.


If the deposits on your tiles still remain even after you have exhaustedly scrubbed them; a strong chemical, like acid, might finally get rid of it. Keep in mind that an acid can cause injury if you get into contact with it so make sure that you wear and use protective clothing and equipment throughout the whole cleaning process.

Nonabrasive Chlorine-Based Liquid

To spare yourself the efforts of having to scrub the tiles for pool tile cleaning, you can also use a nonabrasive chlorine-based liquid, available in any hardware of pool store. Just put a small amount on a sponge or tile brush and it just wipe it on your tiles. It works just like an eraser and wipes your tiles clean.

While you can perform pool tile cleaning yourself, it might be best and more convenient to hire a pool service company to do it for you. With the extensive knowledge and experience in pool tile cleaning, Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches will know the best way to tackle this process with your pool. Most importantly, we can spare you from all the dirty work and give you back the time to do other things.

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