Pool Finishes

Pool Finishes

There are so many ways to spice up the design of a swimming pool. The interior finish is one possibility to completely revamp the entire look of your pool. From plaster finishes to aggregates and tiles. The possibilities are truly endless. If you have a very specific design thought out, it’s usually not a problem to have it done.

 It doesn’t matter whether you’re renovating your existing pool or building a completely new one, the pool finishes you pick will vastly impact the design aesthetics of your pool. So it’s important to spend some time going over the available options. 

 A good thing to keep in mind is that whatever solution you choose, the material will be in constant contact with pool water. So it’s important to have good maintenance going on all the time. This way the lifespan of your finish will increase significantly and you won’t have to waste time and money to replace it. This is more applicable to plasters and aggregates than it is to tiles. It’s still a good practice to maintain good water conditions even if you have tile finishes.

 There’s a multitude of options available so let’s dig into it straight away.

 Plaster Finishes

Plaster has been around since the dawn of swimming pools. A mixture of water, white cement and white marble aggregate combine to create white plaster, also known as Marcite. It’s one of the most popular choices out there and it’s what gives pools the classic, smooth look that you often see. Plasters can also be mixed in a variety of colors and hues. It is important to realize that when selecting a plaster color you are actually selecting a water color. Light plasters produce a sparkling, tropical water color, while darker plasters produce a deeper blue, similar to a natural lake.

Plaster generally lasts between 712 years depending on how well maintained the pool is. It’s also the cheapest one.

 Aggregate Finishes

Aggregate pool finishes marked the beginning of a new era of plaster finishes. It’s the standard plaster ingredients combined with small pieces of various rocks or glass beads. The main selling point of aggregates is their vastly increased durability. Studies have shown that the lifespan of the plaster can increase by the double when you choose to apply aggregates to them.

Aggregates come in two styles. Polished and exposed.

Polished aggregates contain finely crushed colored stones that are applied to the plaster with a trowel and then polished. Lifespan can easily increase by at least 10 years after this process. And you get a beautiful design as a result

Exposed aggregates is another way to really lift your pool to new heights. Consisting of tiny pebbles or glass beads, the finished result is nothing short of breathtaking. A nice side effect of the exposed aggregates is that the friction increases and as a result the polish will be slip-proof. Almost like walking on your own private beach.

 Tile Finishes

It’s the most durable one. Once you decide on a certain design, you essentially have it for life with minimal maintenance. You have many designs to create that are remarkably beautiful and creative. The possibilities are endless with this type of finish. The tiles can extend beyond the pool onto the steps, the surrounding floor, and can even climb up buildings if you so choose.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Of all the three different tile finishes, the ceramic ones are both the most affordable and the most popular ones. A common pattern theme among ceramic tile owners is a tropical theme. This can be done by painting tropical fishes and dolphins to palm trees and Mediterranean motifs. Only your imagination is the limit.

Stone Tile

If you desire for a swimming pool that subtly blends in with the surrounding landscape, then stone tiles are exactly what you need. The tiles, consisting of stones such as granite and marble, is equally suitable for modern architectural styles. The two go very well together.

Glass Tile

Glass tiles are the popular newcomer on the block. With its mesmerizing qualities and the way light breaks on it can create spectacular effects that will surely drop the jaws of any guests you have. An added quality of glass tiles is that they don’t stain or erode. It has a strong and lasting durability.


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