Custom Built-ins

Custom Built-ins

You’re going to get a swimming pool for your backyard, why not make it something a little more you? The right custom builds can enhance not just your pool but lift the appeal of the entire outdoor space.

The only prerequisite is that you build your pool out of gunite.  Gunite is the preferred choice due to its incredible versatility and durability, allowing you further choices in your customizations.

So what are these choices? How can an ordinary pool be transformed into a work of art and a playground of happiness?

 There are two ways you can divide up the built-ins. In-water and above-water. They can both easily be combined to create beautiful and lush oases.

1) In-Water Built-Ins

Depending on how you want the shape of your pool to be, there are several alternatives available to you. We’ll go over a few of them here.

  •  Underwater Furniture

Things such as in-water benches and chairs, tables, swim-up bars, and lighting solutions. This can all be combined in ways to significantly enhance the experience of your pool.

Imagine a bar with bar stools underwater with swimming being the only way of getting there. Pair this up with a sunken patio bar and some flashy spotlights and you have your own exclusive lounge area where your guests can serve themselves fabulous cocktails.

  • Multi-Tiered Platforms and Entries

An entry into the pool doesn’t have to be ordinary, either.

Steps can be shorter and function as a staircase. Or they can be longer and work as a multi-tiered entry, with the shallowest part built as a tanning ledge for the toddlers or pets to play around in. The possibilities really are endless, and it all depends on how you imagine your specific pool layout to be.

Depending on the size of your pool and how flashy you are looking to get it, a beach entry can, also, be installed. This will truly add a sense of luxury and flair to any ordinary pool. Combine it with parasols and sunbeds and you’ll have your very own private resort.

 2) Above-Water Built-Ins

 Furniture and entries in all their glory, but if you want to take your pool to the next level then this is for you. A great option above water is to install a grotto at the perimeters of the pool. This can be just a few boulders strewn about or it can be full-fledged labyrinthine complex of caves, waterfalls and entrances.

Your imagination is the only limits to how majestic you want it to be.

 You can even combine some of the underwater furniture with your grotto. Underwater benches work great inside a cave and with some lighting you can make the atmosphere inside truly magic.

 If you’re looking to have some additional fun, a water slide can be installed on top of the rocks so you can enter the pool with excitement.

 Get in contact with Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, your local pool builder, to see what different options available to you.

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