Poolside Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Illuminate Your Backyard Beautifully

illumination, Poolside FireplacesFireplaces and fire pits in South Florida? Absolutely.  Many South Floridians enjoy the intimate ambiance that these brilliantly affordable additions bring to their outdoor oasis.  You, too, can spend some quality family time around fire pits, entertain your guests and hang out with your friends. It doesn’t really matter what type of house and backyard you have. With the different variety of styles and sizes of fire pits and fireplaces available, you can get one that perfectly suits your home, family, and lifestyle.

 These additions truly help you enjoy many pleasant evenings in your backyard. You get both lighting and warmth from this single source. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches talented design team will help you put together a wonderful fireplace or fire pit that perfectly complements your pool.

The Fabulous Focal Point of Your Outdoor Living Area

Let Pool Doctor create an elegant focal point for your outdoor living area — a place where you can enjoy a majestic, peaceful getaway right in your own backyard. There are many variations and combinations of the style, size, and design of fireplaces and fire pits. From roasting marshmallows with your kids to enjoying a drink with friends, a poolside fireplace brings magic to your get-togethers. You can also enjoy some quiet alone time beside the peaceful crackling of fire.

Customized for Your Home

Customization is the key. The fire pit will catch everyone’s eye in your backyard, so it should suit your home and landscape. A wrong choice can make it stick out like a sore thumb. With Pool Doctor’s expertise, you can blend your house, outdoor spaces, and pool into one seamless design.

Fireplace and Fire Pit Safety Tips

All kinds of fire, whether big or small, warrant attention to safety. Here are a few safety tips you should keep in mind regarding your fireplace and fire pit:

  •  Always see what the wind direction is before lighting a fire.
  • Never use flammable fluids, such as lighter fluid and gasoline, to light or relight a fire.

  • Don’t wear loose-fit or flammable clothing, such as nylon.

  • It’s better not to use soft woods, such as cedar and pine, since they have a tendency to “pop” and create sparks.

  • Dispose of all ashes safely by thoroughly dampening and cooling them after 24 hours and then placing them in a metal container created specifically for storing ash.

 Go ahead and complete the “Earth, Water, Wind & Fire” combination in your backyard oasis. Few places are as cozy as an outdoor fireplace. And when it’s combined with a well-designed swimming pool, it’s simply amazing.

 If you are interested in renovating or constructing a new in-ground pool, call us at (561) 203-0270. We’ll help you figure out how you want to add fire to the design.

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