Custom Outdoor Grills

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. While our indoor spaces may be nice, there is a need in all of us to disconnect and move outside. We want to see the sky, feel the sun on our faces, feel the wind in our hair, and hear nature around us. We want to enjoy our families away from the television and other electronic distractions.

One of our favorite ways to accomplish all of that is to have a BBQ. What fun is it to be able to prepare delicious food outside while the kids splash in the pool? Or enjoy a simple dinner in the evening with just the grown-ups? Regardless of the occasion, grilled foods are a mouth-watering treat and there are so many options, from the classic hot dogs and hamburgers to grilled fish and vegetables. Our families are different, the foods we like to prepare al fresco are different, and so our grilling needs are different.

Luckily, in today’s market because outdoor living is such a huge thing, we are faced with an abundance of grill choices. These choices enable us to customize our outdoor grills to suit our needs and wishes. Do you really want to cook on a little round charcoal grill when you could have a hybrid grill that uses gas, charcoal, or wood? Although, if that little round charcoal grill is your thing, there are excellent choices out there for that as well.

Custom outdoor grills can have the following features:

  • They can be stand alone and movable, allowing you the flexibility to change up your outside spaces.
  • They can be built-in and weatherized, essentially creating a second kitchen and dining space.
  • They come with a variety of fuel options. You can use gas, charcoal, wood, and any variety or combination thereof, depending on the grill model you choose. This can be beneficial if there is a power outage, or if the inside kitchen is unusable for some reason.
  • You can create different grilling workstations. For example, you could have a large gas grill, a rotisserie, and a pizza oven. Suddenly, entertaining large numbers and preparing feasts becomes easier as the chefs involved no longer need share appliances and limited elbow room.
  • Grills come in different sizes, from small to extra-large. You can customize the real estate needed for your grill depending on how many you expect to cook for on a regular basis.
  • You can customize your cook tops and burners. You could have a double burner, a continuous grate for grilling, and a wok ring grid for those nights you decide to do stir-fry.

There are so many options to your outdoor grill that it is easy to become overwhelmed by it all. If you are interested in having us walk you through what those options are and the pros and cons of each, please contact us. We’re happy to help you match your wishes to your budget so that you can get that perfect outdoor cooking experience.

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