Brick Pavers

AmarettoDo you long for old world charm around your pool? Do you love natural earthy tones? Are you interested in a pool or deck that requires little maintenance or that can be easily repaired?

One of the more versatile and visually appealing options for around your pool are brick pavers. They are clay brick pavers designed for light pedestrian or vehicular traffic and can create a myriad of different outdoor looks.
These bricks come in natural earthy tones and are strong and durable. You can choose between four basic styles:

  • Beveled pavers, which provide for consistent joints and little edge chipping. The beveled edges can highlight the chosen pattern.
  • Tumbled pavers, which is undergo aging process where the fired bricks are tumbled together to create an old world look reminiscent of bricks that have been reclaimed after years of service.
  • Simulated antique pavers, also have an aged appearance. Through texturing and color applications done before or after firing, the bricks are given an aged patina.
  • Square edge pavers, these are the most common and generally economic of the choices. The edges are square and are subject to slight chipping over time. They are pretty much the workhorses of the brick pavers and are durable and appropriate for multiple applications.

Brick pavers need to be installed carefully and correctly. The ground around the pool and deck needs to be graded, prepared, and compacted properly to avoid the bricks settling and moving over time. Plus, the benefits of choosing brick pavers for around your pool and deck are tremendous:

  • They are not affected by chlorine.
  • They are naturally slip resistant.
  • They are easily replaced.
  • They last a long time.
  • They look better over time, which is not always the case with other materials.
  • They provide natural color varieties that can work with any décor.
  • They allow for simple to intricate designs.
  • If installed correctly, they won’t crack.
  • They easily allow for additional patio or deck expansions later on.
  • If underground repairs are needed, a seamless fix is possible with brick pavers.
  • They do not require curing time, as is needed for poured concrete.
  • The high number of joints in the surface facilitates drainage from rain or pool water.

Brick pavers are a lovely way to add character and old world charm to your pool and deck area. When choosing the perfect brick paver, look for something lighter in color to avoid heat retention. Make sure the texture will be comfortable against bare skin; you’ll be walking on it in bare feet after all. Also, choosing one with a beveled edge can be easier on toes and feet.

We can walk you through the process of choosing the right brick pavers and answer any questions you may have. Also, you can be sure that we take the utmost care when installing to ensure that you’ll be happy with the result for years to come.

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