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Pool Water Leak Detection

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Pool Doctor offers a professional and dependable pool water leak detection department. We can handle the problem from start to finish, diagnosing the source of the pool water leak(s), and then performing whatever repairs are needed to properly repair the problem. Our leak detection people are the best in the business. We guarantee to find your leak or you DO NOT PAY!

Our leak detection process far surpasses our competitors:

  • Most up-to-date technology & methodologies

  • Pressure Testing – all plumbing lines

  • Ultrasound Listening Device typically pinpoint source of leak to within 6 inches

  • Dye Testing  dive and test shell of pool

  • All repairs come with a (1) year warranty (Industry standard is only 60-90 days)

  • We offer 60 day warranties on all of our leak detections and minor repairs.


You may have a pool water leak if:

  • Pool has air in the system

  • Equipment loses prime

  • You visibly see cracks

  • Surrounding pool deck is sinking or lifting

  • You add water more than once a week

  • Increased chemical demands or water bill


In the heat of summer your pool may appear to lose water faster than usual. We recommend a simple bucket test to help determine if the unusual rate of water loss is due to high evaporation or a possible leak. Take the following steps:

Test your pool water for a leak with the Bucket Test:

  1. Bring pool water to normal level

  2. Fill a 5 gallon bucket with pool water about 3-4 from the top.

  3. Place bucket on the first step of the pool (preferably the second step without immersing it)

  4. Mark the level of the water inside the bucket with electrical tape or similar

  5. Shut off pump and mark pool level on outside of bucket

  6. Resume normal pump operation

  7. After 24 hours, compare the two levels. If the pool water is lower than the inside water level, there may be a leak. (Evaporation will occur at the same rate regardless)

  8. Contact Pool Doctor to make an appointment!


We recommend pool water leak detection if the pool is losing at least 1/2 of water per day. Our success in leak detection – requires a combination of the right equipment, experience, instinct and determination. We pinpoint and isolate to minimize the required repair expense.

We Specialize In:

  • Underwater Repairs

  • Underground Pipe Repairs

  • Skimmer Replacements

  • Main Drain Replacements

  • Crack Injections & Staples

  • Grout Line Repairs

  • Pool Restoration

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