Why it’s important to hire a Licensed Pool Contractor in the State of Florida


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In this podcast episode, Pool Dr discusses the importance of hiring a licensed pool contractor.

Welcome to the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast with your hosts, Holy Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian.

Elizabeth Varian:  Hey, everybody. Elizabeth Varian here. We are with the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches Pool podcast and we’ve got Holly Colasurdo on the phone, how are you doing Holly?

Holly Colasurdo:  Good morning. Hi, everybody.

Elizabeth Varian:  Hello. We’re a little late doing this because I got bit by the bug with the flu and I know Robby over there at Pool Doctor, he’s been dealing with it as well. It’s just going around and so if we’re a little gruff in our voice or a little cough, or you hear my Halls in the background, you’ll know why. Holly, somehow you got away from it.

Holly Colasurdo:  Yep. No worries. Somebody’s got to work hard around here.

Elizabeth Varian:  Somebody’s got to clean those pools. We want to talk about a topic today that I’ve got to tell you, just in the prepping of this conversation, you have totally got me going, oh my gosh. I had no clue. I said, “We should’ve done this topic so long ago.”

Holly Colasurdo:   I sometimes have that effect on you.

Elizabeth Varian:   You always have that effect on me and Melissa who’s there in the office was helping and coming up with the things that the customer just, we don’t know these things.

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian:  The ramifications of not knowing the information we’re discussing today, I mean, I can’t stop going, wow. I wish I would’ve known this. I’m so glad I didn’t have any issues. What is the topic that we’re discussing today is why it’s important to hire a licensed pool contractor in the state of Florida?

Holly Colasurdo:  Right.

Elizabeth Varian: We see people driving around with the magnetic stickers on the side of their car that they clean pools. Everybody has a neighbor that’ll clean a pool, but they’re not legitimate companies and we have stressed time and time again, make sure it’s a licensed contractor. Make sure it’s a licensed contractor. Just in the preparation of this, I’m like, wow. This is why we need to discuss this topic.

Holly Colasurdo:  Yeah.

Elizabeth Varian: So, let’s just jump right in and you know, start with the big question. Why is it important, you know, just kind of an overview of why it’s important that the pool company, whether it be cleaning, or building, or remodeling, why they are licensed with the state of Florida?

Holly Colasurdo:  I think it’s just for me and our business, it gives the customer confidence that the company has done their due diligence to be legally recognized by the state. They’re less likely to walk out on a job. They take great care in protecting their license. Their reputation and, you know, building business, that’s a legitimate process.

Elizabeth Varian: Yes.

Holly Colasurdo: And you know, we can get our license revoked. You know, we’re also screened for prior criminal history. In today’s world, I think that’s really important.

Elizabeth Varian:  Oh, my goodness. No kidding.

Holly Colasurdo:  You know, we’re coming to your home. We’re there …

Elizabeth Varian:  We don’t want to be news 11.

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah, I mean, you know, our tech’s that we screen that we love so much, they’re at your home every week or twice a week. You know?

Elizabeth Varian: Yes.

Holly Colasurdo: Reputation’s important.

Elizabeth Varian:  That is. That’s coming into your personal space.

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian:   You know, you don’t think anything of it. Oh, we want our pool clean, blah, blah, blah. Just thinking that I didn’t know they did criminal background checks.

Holly Colasurdo:  Yep.

Elizabeth Varian:   The fact that you did take that time to do everything legitimate, it does give me more confidence knowing they did all this due diligent work, paid all the licensing fees, took all the tests, they made sure they’ve done things right. They’re going to do my pool right.

Holly Colasurdo:   Right. It’s not easy to do that state test. Definitely not. It’s a bugger, but you know, if you pass it, at least you’ve got a brain in your head and that’s who you want working on your pool, right?

Elizabeth Varian.:  Yes. You know, one of the things I said was you’ve put me in an, oh my gosh, I had no clue moment. This preparation and just discussing what all topics we were going to discuss for today’s podcast. This next question, I’m telling you is still got me in an, oh my gosh, I had no clue.

Holly Colasurdo:  Yeah.

Elizabeth Varian:  One of the things you had mentioned was that as a homeowner, I could be sued.

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian:   Could you elaborate on that.

Holly Colasurdo:  When you have subcontractor’s working for you, if they don’t have their business tax receipt, which used to be called occupational license, and they fall on your property, the guy cleaning your pool, or they fall in and drown, or get injured anywhere on your property, that they can sue you the homeowner. How many people even ask that question about their pool service company?

Elizabeth Varian: I had no clue.

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian:   You think, well they’re a company they’re going to take care of their own liabilities and so, a licensed contractor how is it that they’re protecting me, the homeowner, to not be sued?

Holly Colasurdo: Because they carry all the license and they’re responsible for, you know, anybody that they send to your property. They have workers comp, which is definitely required. You don’t get a license unless you have workers comp. You know, there’s so many things that you have to have just to even come on the property. It’s just amazing to me that people that don’t know that.

We actually do put that in our folders when we come out and talk to people who want pool renovations, new pools, or service. So, we always like to arm our clients with knowledge because that’s the way we like to do business.

Elizabeth Varian: And it’s transparent. This is what you need to be aware of and that’s very important.

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah.

Elizabeth Varian:  Now, you mentioned about the business tax receipt was formally occupation license.

Holly Colasurdo:   Right.

Elizabeth Varian:  You know, I don’t want to go into it intensely, but what are some of the type of licenses that I should be aware of?

Holly Colasurdo:  For us, you know, as a pool company, the owner should be licensed as a general, either a general contractor or whatever they’re doing. And if they have their general contractor’s license, the tech’s that come out and clean the pool, definitely have a business tax receipt. They used to be called occupational licenses. We won’t hire anybody without that and that’s the way it should be. Actually, our tech’s have been with us for a long time. We’ve not even done that in a long time, so.

Elizabeth Varian: Yeah so, the state knows that they’re in business and it’s recognized by the state.

Holly Colasurdo:  Yes, and if you have a question about that, how do you verify that a pool company is licensed, and it’s active, and valid? You know, there’s a website that you can go to, it’s called, myfloridalicense.com and you can check that. Even if you ask someone there on your property if their licensed and insured and they tell you that they are, you still should check that out because some licenses are old, or they’re no longer active, they can say that all they want.

Elizabeth Varian: They’re giving me a number. I’m feeling comfortable. I’m going, okay, you’re a licensed contractor.

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian: But, it could be invalid and no longer used, and oh my goodness, I never even thought about that. So, what was that website again?

Holly Colasurdo: Yep. The website is myfloridalicense.com.

Elizabeth Varian: Oh, that’s easy.

Holly Colasurdo:  Or, you can check, you know, always the Better Business Bureau. I mean, we do still have people that check, and some don’t, but I think the longer you’ve been in business and the good reputation, that’s always helpful as well and we do have that.

Elizabeth Varian: Let’s say, you know this will not be me because I will be always hiring Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, just want to start this right now off the bat, but let’s say I want to be cheap and fast. I go to Pool Doctor, you give me a quote of time, and the pricing, and I know you don’t compete on prices, you compete on quality.

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian:   But, let’s say I go, “You know what? I really want it done faster because summer is literally just a month away. I’ve got friends coming over. I’ve got pool parties I want to have, and I want to go fast. You know, I’d like to save some more money, so I can put it toward the pool parties instead of the maintenance, the remodel, the build, or the cleaning.” What am I actually setting myself up for, for possible issues with hiring an unlicensed contractor who says, “I can do it fast and cheap.”

Holly Colasurdo:  The poor qualification, poor quality of work, maybe a possible criminal background, likelihood of being the victim of a scam, walking off the job. They don’t have to finish it. You know, these people aren’t responsible deep down, so why would you do that? You know, if it’s a matter of money, you know, Pool Doctors very competitive and you know, we try to do the best for our clients within reason. You know, we’d like to stay in business and keep giving good service.

Elizabeth Varian: Yes. You still need pay FPL.

Holly Colasurdo:  You know, our motto, you know … well, yeah. You want quality work then you know, that’s your choice and we will guide them as best we can. You know, we’d like to under promise and over deliver. We will never over promise and under deliver. That’s just a waste of time on both parties.

Elizabeth Varian:  Like I said, this topic, we should’ve probably had a long time ago. I had no clue that as a homeowner, I never thought about that I could be sued when I’m hiring what I think is just a company to clean or build my pool.

Holly Colasurdo: Oh, yeah.

Elizabeth Varian: You’re just wanting  jump right in.

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah.

Elizabeth Varian: I didn’t realize that they did criminal background checks with the licensing.

Holly Colasurdo:  Yep. Yep, oh yeah.

Elizabeth Varian:  And with all the stuff we see on the news these days with the craziness going on, that to me right then and there, is the most important.

Holly Colasurdo: Yep.

Elizabeth Varian: And as far as money, I mean, financing is always available. It’s always better to pay quality for quality. Like you always say, “You pay for garbage, you get garbage.”

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian: But, I really think this is something that people really need to pay attention to and having that website where I can verify a pool company’s license, that to me is the crème de la crème of this because I didn’t think about someone gives me a license number, first of all I don’t what it means for anything and it looks legit.

Holly Colasurdo: Yep.

Elizabeth Varian: It might be on letterhead, but now I have a resource that I can go, what a minute. Is this somebody else’s license that’s being quote-unquote borrowed?

Holly Colasurdo:  Yep.

Elizabeth Varian:  Is it a revoked license number? Is it … because if I don’t do my due diligence and check out that that’s an active legitimate license, then that five seconds of looking that up could cause me months of heartache, money, stress, and every issue in the book.

Holly Colasurdo: Very risky.

Elizabeth Varian:  The idea of someone putting a hole in my backyard and stopping halfway in the middle of it and disappearing, and I have no legal recourse …

Holly Colasurdo: No.

Elizabeth Varian: Is just a major nightmare that that one little check of that license number could save me months of heartache, stress, and money.

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian:  So, today, you know, we’ve got kind of a short podcast today but I’m telling you it’s a powerful one in my mind.

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah, it is.

Elizabeth Varian:  I think you brought some very legitimate information. And if you are looking to hire a legitimate licensed pool company here in south Florida to remodel, build, clean, and maintain any kind of leak detection, or repair that you need on your pool, I definitely always recommend, not just because I know them and we work together, but I definitely would for information like this, to be transparent about it, tells me you’re a legitimate company and one I would totally trust.

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian: If you’re listening, you can call 561-203-0270 again it’s 561-203-0270 or visit them online at poolspalmbeaches.com. As always, Holly, this was phenomenal.

Holly Colasurdo:  Thanks Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Varian:  I’m telling you, I learned so much, so thank you. And everybody …

Holly Colasurdo:  It’s always nice to learn something new, it’s it?

Elizabeth Varian:  Absolutely.

Holly Colasurdo: Especially, in the business.

Elizabeth Varian: Absolutely, saves me a lot. I’m looking that information up. Anytime someone gives me a license, I’m doing my due diligence. So, until next month everybody, we’ll talk to you later. Bye.

Holly Colasurdo: Thanks, bye.

Thank you for listening to our monthly podcast. Be sure to contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches for your South Florida pool needs. Call, 561-203-0270 or visit us online at www.poolspalmbeaches.com.

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