How to choose the right material for my pool deck?

travertineChoosing the right material for your pool deck can be quite difficult especially if the buyer does not have any knowledge about the different materials to choose from. Brick Pavement, Travertine, Poured concrete, and Stamped concrete are some common materials options for pool decks.

Brick Pavement

Brick pavement can be formed into many different shapes and sizes, as well as colors. The designs that can be made out of this material goes without boundaries. Brick Pavers are sturdy and offer guaranteed durability. Unlike some materials, brick pavement is not easily cracked and weeds do not creep through the material as often. With the earthy tone brick pavement provides to the home they make a great look for any garden or pool deck.


Travertine is becoming very popular with pool decks. The luxury feel it gives to a home with its décor is loved by many. The natural soft stone is not just beautiful, like other natural attributes to homes; this stone can raise the property value and be much more beneficial if homeowners plan to sell eventually.  There is no acidic or abrasive cleaning products needed to keep this beautiful stone cleaned. Simple non-harsh common products can be used to keep the stone fresh and clean.

Concrete Options

Poured concrete and stamped concrete are common concrete options for patios. Poured concrete is easy to get installed which means less home remodeling for your family to deal with. However, because this seems like a simple task homeowners take on the project themselves and shortly after wish they had hired a professional.

Stamped concrete is the favorite of many. The stamped concrete provides a range of options for the buyer. Homeowners have the choice of colors that will go well with their design and can be shaped and placed many different ways to get the look that the homeowner desires.

What is Best for You

When picking out the best patio material be sure to choose something that works best for you. Are you looking for something that looks really nice? Maybe something that can be installed quickly. Some people also look for materials that they can style in their own unique way. Brick pavement, Travertine, stamped concrete and poured concrete all work but it is up to the buyer to choose what works best for them and will keep them satisfied.

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