4 Vital Pool Maintenance Tips for Public or Well-Used Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool maintenance is more complicated than it looks, especially when it comes to maintaining the right balance of chemicals to effectively contain contaminants, microbial infections and diseases. A study on chemical contaminants in swimming pools found that disinfection by-product levels vary due to many factors like the […]

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Pool shocking means extremely and rapidly raising the level of chlorine in your swimming pool for a short time, to a level high enough that the combined chlorine is burned up. It’s a way to keep pool water disinfected, safe and clean.  Pool Shock Time Frame Your […]

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What’s the Point of a Pool Maintenance Log? Do I Need One for My Private Swimming Pool?

What's the Point of a Pool Maintenance Log? Do I Need One for My Private Swimming Pool?

Keeping on top of maintenance tasks for your swimming pool is vital to ensure that you get the best out of your water – and having fun in the pool is the whole reason you have a pool in the first place. Planning your parties, get togethers […]

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Pool Maintenance and its Role in Healthy Swimming

Pool Maintenance and its Role in Healthy Swimming

Imagine yourself swimming in dirty and waste-filled water? Your reaction – disgust. It’s definitely not nice to swim in filth, especially if you’re unaware of it. Now, do you realize that a clear pool can be swimming with unhealthy microbes? A lot of diseases can be transmittable […]

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Feel like you’re with a superhero, hire the best weekly pool service company!

Hire the Best Weekly Pool Service!

It’s a Saturday and your friends come over for a barbecue party. The atmosphere is in full party mode and everyone’s having fun – eating, drinking, chitchatting. Then, your friends start diving into your pool one by one, what fun right? For sure, your pool has been […]

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