Professional Pool Maintenance

How to Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

Energy efficient pool

Whether you already have a pool or are in the pool building process, maintaining an energy-efficient pool doesn’t have to break the bank. By going green this summer with your pool systems and maintenance, you can help the environment and save a few bucks. Here are some […]

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Swimming Pool Water Chemistry Levels – Fact Sheet

pool water chemistry

Pool Water chemistry is important to proper pool maintenance. Here are the different elements of water chemistry (unless noted otherwise, check two to three times a week): pH Level Keep between 7.4 and 7.6 Below 7 – water is too acidic corrodes walls and irritates skin use […]

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Infographics – Maintaining a Healthy Swimming Pool Temperature

Maintaining Healthy Swimming Pool Temperature

Maintaining a Healthy Swimming Pool Temperature An important announcement brought to you by The Pool Doctors of the Palm Beaches. Too many pool owners don’t adhere to proper pool heating methods and fail to keep the temperature in their pools at a desired level. Why is swimming […]

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Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches Offers 5 Expert Services to Local Pool Owners

Expert Services to Local Pool Owners

You may think you have your pool care covered, but the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches goes above and beyond basic pool care and does things most pool owners never even think of. In fact, too many pool owners remain ignorant regarding pool water balancing, pool […]

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Ask These Questions to Swimming Pool Builders to Ensure Quality

Swimming Pool Builders

You’ve made a big decision: you’re going to install an in-ground swimming pool. This can be a fantastic experience that will add value to your home and provide endless entertainment and relaxation — but only if you hire the right swimming pool builders. How can you sort […]

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Swimming Pool Chemical Balance Guide

Swimming Pool Chemical maintenance

Pools can be a lot of work. Many new pool owners do not realize just how much work. You have to clean out debris, make sure that your water is constantly filtered, and balance the chemicals in the pool just right. Balancing the chemicals is probably the most challenging […]

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Do I really need a professional to maintain my pool? Couldn’t I just do it myself?

Do I really need a professional to maintain my pool?

The jobs involved in maintaining your own private pool can add up to a significant chunk of time over a week, or a month, and not everyone has the time – or the abilities – to do some of the more manual work involved. That’s why we […]

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What’s Involved in the Best Pool Maintenance Services?

What's Involved in the Best Pool Maintenance Services

When you’re looking for a company to carry out your regular pool maintenance there are a few basic things you should look for in maintaining a pool. Keeping your pool clean, safe and in good condition relies on ensuring that regular maintenance is carried out, checks are […]

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