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7 Super Scary Facts on Florida Wildlife and Residential Pools

pool service in west palm beach

Florida has an array of wildlife that lives side by side with residents. Most of the time, you never see the Florida wildlife; but there are those rare times when you almost come face to face with it. This can be dangerous for varying reasons when it […]

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5 Important Considerations of a Quality Pool House | Infographics

Pool House Features, Pool Care

A pool house may be anything from a gazebo-type building for changing clothes to a guest house. Appearance Match the architecture and appearance of the home Landscaping for privacy & ambience It should be aesthetically pleasing Size should fit the pool & yard Convenience Easy to reach & […]

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Should You Have a Swimming Pool Inspection before Buying Your Dream House?

Pool Inspection Service

When you purchase a home with a backyard pool, you are buying the pool “as is” – no guarantees, no follow-up repairs. Once you close on the home, the pool and all its problems belong to you. That is why you need to have a swimming pool […]

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Infographics – Maintaining a Healthy Swimming Pool Temperature

Maintaining Healthy Swimming Pool Temperature

Maintaining a Healthy Swimming Pool Temperature An important announcement brought to you by The Pool Doctors of the Palm Beaches. Too many pool owners don’t adhere to proper pool heating methods and fail to keep the temperature in their pools at a desired level. Why is swimming […]

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Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches Offers 5 Expert Services to Local Pool Owners

Expert Services to Local Pool Owners

You may think you have your pool care covered, but the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches goes above and beyond basic pool care and does things most pool owners never even think of. In fact, too many pool owners remain ignorant regarding pool water balancing, pool […]

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Top 4 Swimming Pool Construction Pipe Material Types

pool construction pipe material

One of the most frustrating elements of having and maintaining a pool are leaks. Not only are they difficult to find and fix, but they can also be quite costly to manage. The best way to avoid leaks from occurring is to ensure that the pool pipe […]

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Is Your Pool Leaking? Here’s How to Tell

Three Easy Steps for Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Imagine this: You had a long, hard day at work. All you want to do is come home, put on your swimsuit, and relax by your pool. But something’s off: the water level seems much lower than usual. It was a hot day; you think maybe the […]

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Infographics – 10 Steps for Effective Swimming Pool Acid Washing

Swimming Pool Acid Washing

10 Steps for Effective Swimming Pool Acid Washing  If algae or stains have made your plaster pool basin look grimy, it may be time for an acid washing. Step 1: Drain the pool, removing debris as the water level drops. Step 2: Put on protective equipment – […]

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Apply These 7 Secret Techniques to Reduce Pool Construction Costs in West Palm Beach, Florida

Pool Construction Cost

A homeowner might dream of having their own private pool, but may be holding back due to a fear of the price. It’s hard to pin down the average pool construction cost in West Palm Beach since many factors can cause the price to vary. How do […]

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Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Swimming Pool

Choosing Swimming Pool

Often, the first step of designing your dream swimming pool is deciding how large it will be. Everything else hinges upon having the right pool size! And if you get it wrong, fixing it after the fact can be costly, if not impossible. Since size really does matter, […]

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