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Artificial Turf Projects for Homeowners

Homeowners have begun taking it upon themselves to improve their home’s appearance, whether that includes a kitchen redesign, or flooring change – one of the more popular improvements has been artificial turf projects. The process of installing an artificial turf lawn is easier than you might imagine, and it can apply to a variety of different home & property projects!


Landscaping with Artificial Turf

While most homeowners may choose artificial turf to replace their lawns for reasons such as water conservation, others find that it also suits for a more aesthetic purpose. As an example, one could use artificial grass landscaping, and drawing one’s eye by leveraging the vibrant green splash of color among the yard’s dry stepping stone path or natural rock hues. Different seasons may change the surrounding trees and plants to a different color, but the artificial turf will retain its green all year round.

You can easily set small patches of accented artificial grass to enhance the landscape. Because you aren’t replacing an entire lawn, you’ll save time and money while adding an appealing landscaping feature for everyone to enjoy.

Artificial Turf for Playgrounds and Kids

Backyard playgrounds are a fun option for kids and parents to get outside, and artificial turf enables year-round fun with durability and excellent drainage. An artificial grass playground facilitates frequent fun by providing a soft, forgiving surface for kids hard at play! Sliding down onto a spongy artificial turf lawn keeps the tears away while the well-draining infill below the turf eliminates puddle build-up, ensuring a reliable area to practice kicking goals or playing tag.

Putting Green Artificial Turf – For the Golfer

Having a putting green in the backyard is a dream for many homeowners, and artificial turf can help make that dream a reality. Specially designed synthetic golf turf functions perfectly as a putting green for your own recreational use. One could also incorporate “golf hazards” such as a dry creek bed and gentle rolling curves, this putting green turf allows for hours of entertainment and practice.

With the flexibility of artificial grass, you can lay a putting green right in the middle of your existing artificial turf lawn or have it as its own dedicated area. And it’s just as easy to install as other turf!

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