When Should I Call a Pool Repair Service in Jupiter, Florida

Get Your Pool Repair Service Before It Is Too Late

Salt water pool2Owning a pool can have costly consequences if you don’t keep it regularly inspected and maintained. There are a variety of potential problems with any pool that may occur; and often, if the problem is left untreated, it can turn into a much larger and more expensive problem to fix. Because of this, it’s essential that when anything goes wrong with a pool, a skilled pool repair service, like the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, should be contacted in order to ensure no additional problems occur. Luckily, there are high quality pool companies for anyone who lives in South Florida and facing such problems.

Symptoms of Pool Damage

In order to know when to call a pool repair service, it’s essential to know some of the symptoms of a dysfunctional or damaged pool. One of the biggest problems that can occur within a pool is a leak. There are a few characteristic signs of a leak. Some of the most common are standing water and “mushy” water damaged ground areas around the outside of the pool. If water levels around the pool are building up it’s essential to have a trained pool repair service visit immediately before any more damage can occur.

One of the most evident symptoms of a pool leak is a rapid loss of water. If this occurs, call a pool repair service immediately. If the water is leaking into a bad location, it can create a variety of problems and can even damage the structural integrity of a home.

One of the most common pool problems is dysfunctional pool pumps. A pool that doesn’t have a working pump will cause still water to build up within the pool. This, in turn, can cause a lot of other problems. If this occurs, the pool should not be used until the pump has been fixed and the water thoroughly sanitized and inspected by a skilled pool repair service.

Preventative Measures- Call a Pool Repair Service Jupiter, FL

Anyone who wants to ensure their pool is functioning well and in good repair should have regular pool inspections. These inspections are typically inexpensive and can help prevent problems before they happen, saving lots of money in the long-run. Additionally, ensure the levels of chlorine are maintained in order to ensure there are no algae growths, which can cause problems with the pump or surface of the pool.

Luckily, no matter how bad the problem becomes, there is always a pool repair service that can fix the problem.

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Living in a tropical area like Boynton Beach often means participating in efforts to cool off! Spray bottles, cold showers and running through the sprinklers are all good fun but nothing beats hopping into your own pool. The average high in the hottest summer months of Boynton Beach is 90 degrees. Making it to the public pool or coordinating a trip to the beach to escape that kind of weather can be a hassle. Not to mention the crowds of people that gather in public places, making it hard to find enough space to relax. Boynton Beach pool company Pool Doctor can assist you with keeping cool and refreshed.

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Having a personal pool ensures privacy and ultimate leisure in the privacy of your own home. Who wouldn’t want that kind of luxury? If you are trying to beat the heat, Pool Doctor, A Boynton Beach pool company is right for you. We offer residential in ground pool construction, pool and spa maintenance and repair, pool remodeling and resurfacing, pool water leak detection, we have certified pool stain specialists, and we offer a pool inspection service.

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Our reputation will not disappoint as we service many respectable clients in the Palm Beach area like PGA National and Andover. We’ve also received several awards for our winning services, so putting your pool needs in our hands is a smart choice. You should be confident that the continued maintenance of your pool will be simple with Boynton Beach pool company Pool Doctor informative website, featuring frequently asked questions.

There is no need to worry over something that is meant for relaxation! We can answer your questions about cleaning and pool heaters. Whether you look up your inquiry on our website or give us a call, rest assured that we will offer you the best advice and solutions. We have been in the business of pool services for over 25 years. Our experience helps maintain our good reputation and customer satisfaction.

My Pool Pump needs CPR?

Swimming PoolPool Pump Repair or Replace

You want to enjoy your swimming pool as much as you can. But that won’t be possible if the pool pump is not working properly. So what will you do? The pump is like heart of your swimming pool. It creates pressure in your pool, which forces the water to flow through the filter. Without a filter pump, your swimming pool is likely to become a swamp. There are different reasons that may impair the proper functioning of the pump.

Here is a list of common pump problems along with possible remedies and suggestions for pool repair.

Loss of Pool Pump Suction

If your pump is not circulating water, the first thing to check is the skimmer and pump baskets to make sure they are empty and there is nothing blocking the flow of water. The next step is to make sure your pool filter is clean. Check the pool impeller which can become occasionally clogged. The pool impeller is connected to the motor that moves the water by opening the pump. One common cause for pool pump suction loss is an air leak in the suction line where the pump is supplied with the water from the pool. This is the issue when a pump doesn’t catch prime. Prime means when your pump is running at full capacity.

Pool Pump leaking water

If your pump leaks, the reason is the increased pressure inside the pump. The causes for a leak can be a bad impeller housing O-ring, bad shaft seal, or bad thread sealant or shrunken threads on the plumbing discharge pipe, or the pipe that comes out of the pump. If it is an O-ring or seal, it is best to get a Go Kit, which has every seal and O-ring in the pump, in one kit. It is advised that if you are going to take the pump apart, you might as well replace all the seals.

Pool Pump Motor doesn’t work or turns off

This problem can be the result of several causes. Check the power to the motor first. Check the breaker to ensure your timer is set to turn on the pump. If you are getting power, check to hear if the motor is humming or clicking. A humming motor can mean the problem could be the capacitor. The capacitor is like a battery that makes the motor start spinning. If your motor works but stops in between, it may be due to over-heating. Pool pumps need high and constant power, the lack of which causes overheating. The other reason for overheating is motor fan failure or vent blockage. Make sure to keep the vents open by keeping them free of dirt and leaves. Another reason for overheating, in some cases, is sunlight. This problem can be avoided by getting a motor cover.

Pool Pump Motor is loud

If your pump is loud, what kind of sound does it make? If it sounds like grinding rocks, it may be vibrating on the pad it sits on. A piece of rubber mat under it might help stop the noise. If that is not the case, it may be cavitation. Cavitation happens when the pump cannot get sufficient water fast enough. In some cases it may be a clogged filter or impeller. Clear out any obstructions and it should be fine. If your pump is making screaming sounds, you may need a new bearing for your motor. Bearings are mounted on t

Pool Pump Motor takes air

Pool pumpsshould be air tight but small air leaks are common. But if the air leak becomes large, it can cause problems with circulation or prime. The most common causes of a pump air leak include bad thread sealant where the pipe enters the pump, a leaky valve stem on one of the suction valves or a break in the plumbing. Other reasons for air leaking into the system can be a loose or old pump lid or pump lid o-ring or an ill fitting pump drain plug. All air leaks originate before the impeller. To tackle air leaks, you have to get the faulty parts of the motor repaired or replaced.he motor shaft inside the motor to help reduce the friction as the electro magnates make the motor shaft spin. This is a high wear and tear item within the pump motor.

You can avoid pool pump problems to some extent by taking care of small things. But when a pool pump motor needs repair or replacement, you should have it done as soon as possible to avoid more pool maintenance problems. If you think your pool pump needs repair or replacement, call the professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches to discuss your options or click here.

Top 10 Reasons to Have Pool Service in Palm Beach


Pool ServiceHaving your own swimming pool is a thrilling idea. It should always be a source of enjoyment and relaxation. If you are the type of pool owner who would rather spend more type enjoying their pool than maintaining it,  you’ll need regular pool maintenance provided with a pool cleaning service.


Some pool owners try to perform all of the pool cleaning and pool maintenance chores themselves and may not feel they need to have pool service. Their reasons may be because they think it’s usually an easy task or that pool service is expensive. But pool maintenance and pool cleaning is an on-going task that pool owners cannot ignore or delay because bigger and more expensive problems are the result of improper pool care or neglect.


Below are the top ten reasons why many pool owners in Palm Beach County decide to use a pool service company instead of doing the job themselves.


  1. Be Confident about Proper Pool maintenance-If you hire a pool service professional for your pool care and cleaning, you can rest assured that your pool is being maintained regularly as it should.
  2. Water balance and filtration-These elements are crucial to pool maintenance. Pool service technicians should regularly check the water, adjust its balance and check for proper filtration. If pool water doesn’t have proper balance or is not being filtered properly, it can affect your pool’s appearance and value, as well as your health.
  3. Save your time- Why spend your time on pool cleaning and pool maintenance when it could be better spent with your family and friends?  Proper pool care is a serious time commitment, if done properly. Any compromise can affect the quality and cleanliness of your pool.
  4. Replacement and repair-Sometimes, the parts of your pool might need replacements or special equipment is needed to make repairs. With the DIY approach, these issues can turn into major problems. A quality pool service company will employ trained and certified pool operators and technicians who can detect issues early and provide you with options regarding repair or replacement of pool equipment.
  5. Scheduled, regular pool service- A pool service company can have a pool professional at your pool location on a pre-scheduled and consistent basis. Service schedules are usually weekly or twice-a-week depending on the customers needs.
  6. Pool plaster and tile care-The plaster of your pool develops problems over the time. Pool plaster and tile gets dirty, stained and cracked with regular use. Cleaning and maintaining your pool plaster and tile can be a tough job; one that you might not want to do yourself.  A pool service company can take proper care of your pool plaster and tile to keep your pool sparkling.
  7. Experience and training- The experience, training and knowledge that certified pool operators have is vastly different from that of most pool owners  or some pool technicians that have not undergone certification.
  8. Expert advice-A professional pool service company will be able to give you expert advice for general maintenance and repair as well as options on cost efficient equipment. New pool technology is evident and items like LED pool lights and low energy heaters and variable speed pumps have come a long way in the last few years. Your pool service professional should keep you updated about new pool technology and options if a pool remodel is necessary. .
  9. Time to Enjoy- Lastly, a professional pool service company does the dirty work which gives you more time to enjoy your pool.


Finding the best professional pool service company can take some time. Referrals, awards and testimonials are a good way to help make your decision on the best pool service company for your needs.


Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches is an awarding winning pool service company who has been recognized by Angie’s List as well as others.  Our customers have come to expect a higher level of service and we are happy to deliver.  All of our pool technicians are CPO certified and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience when they are servicing your pool needs.


You’ll find our fees to be very competitive, so contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches today to discuss your pool service needs or click here.


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Pool Heater Tune Up

The weather is getting colder. You love swimming and have your own swimming pool in the backyard. Of course, you have a pool heater for warming the pool water but have you ever turned it on to make sure it works? Don’t wait for the cold weather to discover your pool heater has died.

That is a common occurrence with seasonally used pool heaters. Now you can avoid such unpleasant surprises as Pool Doctor has developed a Heater Preventative Maintenance Program.

A pool heater pump has many moving and electrical parts which may develop problems due to its infrequent use. It is recommended to have it checked and tuned up periodically. With this maintenance program, a Pool Doctor repair technician will make two maintenance visits to tune-up your pool heater. Usually, one visit is scheduled during the Fall to confirm the pool heater is working properly. This will ensure the pool water is being heated so you can enjoy your swimming pool during periods with cooler temperatures. The second visit is usually made in the Spring, after pool heating season, to make sure the unit is still in good shape and shut down properly.

Pool heaters can be the source of frustration, if you don’t get them tuned up at the required time. A seasonal tune up will extend the life of your pool heater and help to minimize breakdowns. Spend a little now. Save a lot in the future. It’s a simple and smart move.

As part of the Heater Preventative Maintenance Program, our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean critical parts on your system so your pool heater will start and run efficiently when you need it.

Pool heaters are a great way to extend your swimming season and will provide heat on demand when you need it most. For example, sometimes you need to warm your swimming pool water to optimum temperature during cool days, evenings or nights that would normally make your pool too cold to enjoy.

So, take care of your pool heater to make sure it is in good working condition anytime you need it. To schedule an appointment for our Heater Preventative Maintenance Program, contact Pool Doctor for more details!

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Basic Pool Care in Palm Beach County

pool care

Pool Care for Warmer Climates

Living in Palm Beach County is a great way to enjoy the bright and warm sunlight along with a multitude of outdoor activities. With warm weather almost year round, it should be no surprise that one of the most popular outdoor activity is taking a dip in the pool.

Swimming pool care is not the same worldwide. The kind of climate where you live (and swim) can have an effect on pool maintenance. In warm weather climates, particularly in Palm Beach County, it is expected expected that your pool is used more often and that more people are using it. Because of this your pool care activities will be more frequent.

Pool Care Tips

Take note of these pool care tips to maintain sanitation and ensure that you get maximum enjoyment swimming all of the time.

Add chemicals in the evening

Normally, pool owners will do this during the day. However, in the warm climate that you are living in, the chemicals tend to easily evaporate. This is especially true if you are using liquid chlorine. By doing this at night, when it is a little cooler, you can easily adjust your pool balance without having to use to much amount of chemicals.

Double pool care & maintenance efforts

It is very important to check the chemistry levels of your pool frequently. Because of the higher temperatures in Palm Beach County and sometimes a higher number of people swimming in your pool, you’ll need to add chemicals more frequently than with pools in a cooler climate.

Make more adjustments in filtering and other systems

Check and clean pool filter(s) frequently. A pool in a warm climate is more likely to have additional demands for pool care.  The pool filter might require more cleaning than usual because it will be running a few more hours every day.

Add more water

In warmer climates, water will evaporate more quickly.  Therefore, you will have to add more water to the pool. This will also ensure that the pool systems will have a high enough level of pool water to properly function.

Hire a pool service company

Because of the additional work that is required with maintaining a pool in a warm climate like Palm Beach County, it would probably be wise to hire a pool service company to perform pool care for you. This will spare you from the hassles of correcting imbalances (especially if you have little experience or knowledge of it) and it will give you more time to actually enjoy your pool and fill your schedule with other important activities.  Contact the pool care professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches to discover your pool service options or click here.

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Pool Remodel – How Green is my Pool?

Consider a Pool Remodel for an Eco-Friendly Pool

Just how green is your swimming pool? W e are not talking about the color of its water here. Rather, we are referring to the figurative sense of the word – how environment-friendly it is. But if you do have green pool water, that would be another story.

Having a swimming pool not only increases the value of your home; it is also a way to give you and your family a great place to bond and enjoy some exercise. The problem, however, is that pool operations use energy which can also increase your utility bills.

But with today’s modern technology, having an energy efficient pool is possible. Now you can have an eco-friendly pool and save money in the long run. And you do not even have to completely overhaul your pool; a simple pool remodel will do.

Benefits of a Green Pool

A green pool should not only be advantageous to the environment, it should also be advantageous to you, the pool owner.

Save money. The use of variable speed pumps as well as pool covers has shown to cut your energy expenses up to 30%. You just have to make sure to buy the right equipment and observe the proper energy conservation habits and maintenance.

Conserve water. With the use of a pool cover, you do not allow water and heat to escape from your pool, thus saving water.

Get rebates and incentives.  Depending on the place that you reside in, most local governments give rebates and incentives to homes that use eco-friendly pools and other equipment.

Green Pool Remodel

For an energy efficient pool, you may need to undergo a pool remodel. Buying the right equipment and performing certain activities is essential to make your pool eco-friendly. Here are some tips to do that.

  • Get high efficiency motors and variable speed pumps. These use less power than the older single speeds ones. This way, you can decrease it on those days when you are not using pool remodel variable speed pumpyour pool.  Pool owners are required by Florida Law to use variable speed pool pumps as of March 2012.
  • Use pool covers. Pool covers might be effective to keep dirt and other debris from getting into the pool but they also have an energy-saving purpose of preventing your pool from losing its heat. This way, you will not use your pool heater as you would without a pool cover.
  • Use solar energy. If you own a relatively small pool, this is an economical pool remodel technique that will definitely save you money. Your energy source is free and sunshine is abundant in South Florida.
  • Utilize timers. Set your pump and heater timers so they will only have to function in short cycles throughout the day instead of a single continuous operation.

If you are thinking of giving your pool a “green” makeover, it would be best that you let a reputable pool service company perform an evaluation for you. The professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches can provide you with a variety of the best energy-savings or pool remodel options for your pool.

Saltwater Pool Maintenance – Frequently Asked Questions

saltwater pool maintenanceFor many, a saltwater pool is a great alternative to the typical chlorine method of sanitizing a swimming pool.  Many pool owners are attracted to saltwater pools as an alternative, because they have fewer side effects (such as red eyes and dry, itchy skin) to swimmers.

By knowing saltwater pool maintenance and care, you are on your way to having a clean pool without buying and handling chlorine.

How does a saltwater pool work?

When pool water goes through the chlorine generator cell and into your filter pump, the salt in the water is turned to the same component that chlorine releases in pool water. When the water flows back to the pool, the newly produced chlorine is then introduced.

Will I be able to taste salt in my pool?

For an adequately chlorinated pool, it will need to have a salt level of 2,500 to 4,000 ppm (parts per million). Humans are not able to taste salt unless the level gets somewhere around 5,000 ppm. For reference, the salt level in the ocean is about 40,000 ppm so salt in your pool should not be noticeable.

Does it require extensive maintenance?

Saltwater pool maintenance is mostly focused on the chlorine generators. But they only require little maintenance as they just have to be cleaned yearly. Calcium deposits can be removed with a mixture of muriatic acid and water while its power supply does not require regular maintenance.

What type of salt should I add and how much?

Do not use rock salt it because it has too many impurities. The acceptable ones are brine blocks, food grade salt, solar salt flakes, water conditioner salt, or water softener pellets. The amount of salt that you add should equal 4,000 ppm.  The salt that you use should be very pure and contain no iodine. For that reason, it is NOT recommended to substitute regular table salt in your saltwater pool.

Will I still need to use chlorine?

Under normal circumstances, you should not use chlorine at all. However, in instances when there are so many people swimming in the pool or when there is excessive rain, you may need to add some amount of granular chlorine to the pool.

How do I get rid of the salt that settles at the pool’s bottom?

The salt that settles at the bottom of the pool can give an unattractive yellowish-brownish color. You can use commercial pool care products for saltwater pool maintenance designed to remove the salt sediments as well as the stains.

How will I prevent rusting?

Salt in the water can lead to rusting, most especially if your pool was converted from typical pool water to salt water. You can seal your pool steps to prevent rusting. There are also commercial protective and restorative products available to protect and remove the rust.

It is a wrong notion that saltwater pool systems are maintenance-free. You will still have to regularly check its salt levels along with its pH, stabilizer, and alkalinity levels in check. For the proper saltwater pool maintenance procedures, contact you’re the pool service professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches or click here.

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Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Pool Leak Causes and Solutions

Your pool will naturally lose water to evaporation and some splash out.  But if you have noticed that you’ve had to add more water to your pool every week than usual, you might have a pool leak.  A pool leak is far more serious and requires immediate pool leak detection.

A pool leak can be caused by a number of things, most of which can easily be fixed with pool leak repair. Some of the common causes include soiled pipes, cracked concrete, and defective water lines.

Signs of a Pool Leak

Aside from having to add more water more frequently, a pool leak can manifest in a number of ways. The most common signs are as follows:pool leak detection

  • Presence of air in the pool system
  • Loss of prime in the equipment
  • Visible cracks
  • Pool deck is lifting or sinking
  • Increased water bill or chemical needs

Pool Leak Detection

If you experience any of the above, then there is a good chance that you might have a leak in your pool. Here are some of the ways to confirm such a problem.

Check for the obvious signs

  • Look at the heater, pump, filter, and pipe valves. Also check the ground and the surrounding areas of the pool for moisture as well as for separations or tears in the pool’s corners, fittings, steps, and skimmers.
  • Mark pool water level
  • Mark the water level with a grease pencil or a piece of tape at the skimmer. You more likely have a pool leak if you see that more than ? of an inch was lost 24 hours later.
  • Bucket Test – Fill a bucket with pool water and place it on the pool step, ensuring that its water level inside is the same as the water level outside the bucket. After 24 hours, if there is a greater drop in the water level outside the bucket, you might have a leak in your pool.

After you’ve detected a pool leak, you will have to figure out where the leak is. The easiest way to do this is with the use of a dye test solution. You may also use a pH indicator test reagent. Shut off your pump and drop it in still water. The dye should then get sucked into the tear, gap, or crack.

Pool Leak Repair

  • The most common leak involves the separation of the concrete pool and the plastic skimmer. This problem can easily be fixed with pool putty.
  • For light leaks, you can use a hard-drying 2-part epoxy with silicone, caulk, or putty.
  • For liner leaks, you can easily patch it with a vinyl liner patch kit.
  • If the leak is underwater, use a wet patch kit.

If you were unable to perform proper pool leak detection and repair, or when the leak is too extensive, it is best that you consult your local pool service company. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches specializes in pool leak detection and pool leak repairs.  They have the knowledge and the technologies to efficiently and quickly repair pool leaks before such a problem gets out of hand.

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Pool Care – Avoiding RWI’s This Summer

Proper pool care is vital to minimize the chance of becoming sick after you’ve been in a swimming pool.  Recreational water illnesses, otherwise known as RWIs, are illnesses that are acquired by breathing, swallowing, or being in contact with contaminated water from pools, spas, rivers, and other bodies of water. Such illnesses can manifest in a wide variety of symptoms like gastrointestinal, ear, skin, and respiratory infections, among many others.

Common RWIs

The most commonly reported RWI is diarrhea, mostly from the use of swimming pools. On average, most people have a small amount of fecal matter on their body at any given time, which is rinsed off into the water once they enter the pool.  Therefore, those who are ill with diarrhea should not enter the pool or water park, because they can contaminate the water with millions of germs.  These diarrhea-causing germs do not have to be ingested in large amounts to cause illness.

Other kinds RWIs are mostly caused by germs that naturally thrive in the environment, particularly in water and soil. In swimming pools, if pool cleaning is not properly and regularly done (particularly in the maintenance of chlorine and chemical levels), these germs can increase their populations until they are able to cause illness to the swimmer upon contact.pool care under water

Pool Care to Prevent RWIs

Regular pool care is the best thing that you can do to stop the proliferation and spread of germs in your pool and to protect yourself and your family.

  • Maintain clear and clean pool water. You should clearly see the bottom of the pool at all times.
  • Ensure that your pool sides are smooth. It should not feel slippery or sticky.
  • You pool should have no odor. Expect to have a little odor from a well-chlorinated pool. When you pool has too strong a chemical smell, it might have some pool care and maintenance problems.
  • Make sure that your pool equipment is working properly. The pumps and filtration systems should make some noise. You should be able to hear them running.
  • Healthy swimming behaviors from the swimmers are also important. After all, they can be a carrier of the germs that cause the RWIs.
  • Do not use the swimming pool if you currently have diarrhea.
  • Make sure that you do not swallow swimming pool water. Do not even allow it to get into your mouth.
  • Shower before you swim into the pool. Wash your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet before heading back into the pool.
  • Get your kids to take bathroom breaks. Check their diapers as often as possible.
  • Change diapers away from the pool. Do this in the bathroom and carefully clean the changing area afterwards.

Although chlorine is used to sanitize pool water, it takes some time to be effective; chlorine does not kill all of these germs on contact. Diarrhea-causing germs that make their way into the pool can cause RWIs in under an hour and can even survive for days.

Aside from proper and regular pool care, it might be wise to contact your local pool service company if you suspect that your pool is infected with RWIs-causing germs.  They should be able to help you deal with the problem in the best and fastest way possible. The pool professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches have extensive pool care knowledge and expertise.