Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches offers in-ground pool construction to the historic district of El Cid in West Palm Beaches.

Your dream home in El Cid, West Palm Beaches, is surrounded by beautiful scenery and history. The area is famed as an historic district, with buildings to match.

This means that when you’re thinking about your dream pool there are some designs, and some designers, that just won’t fit.

Here at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches we have over thirty years of experience in building in-ground pools that not only suit your designer pool dreams, but which are sympathetic to the look and history of the area, enhancing your home and yard with the perfect pool or spa addition for your space.

There are many different options for in-ground pools, and for those in El Cid who love the historic and timeless design of their homes, a pool that has the same gravitas and style is important.

Our range of in-ground pool designs includes:

  • outdoor pools
  • lap pools
  • sports pools
  • salt chlorine generated pools
  • infinity pools
  • negative-edge pools
  • vanishing-edge pools
  • rock waterfall pools
  • customized finish or black-bottom pools
  • lagoon pools / natural pools

And not only do we provide this range of pools in a range of styles, from the ultra modern to timeless traditional designs – we pride ourselves on our standard for perfection.

Your pool won’t be ‘standard’ in any other way. We listen to your dreams and work with you to build your vision. Nothing matters more than making our customers happy – and our highly-rated customer service speaks for itself.

If you’re just beginning to think of how you want your pool to look there’s a lot to consider. Not just the pool, but the space surrounding it, and how it ties together with your home and your living space, and how best to position your new in-ground pool within your yard.

Here at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches we can advise you on all of this, and more, and how to make your new pool seamlessly flow in your El Cid home. With period or character design features in many of the homes in the area, it’s important that your new in-ground pool is sympathetic to the style of the area. With our long history and our expert knowledge, not to mention our passion for your happiness, we can talk you through the design process and work with you to create the perfect pool, and landscaping the yard around it for the perfect finishing touch.

Top 5 Reasons to Install a Natural Pool in Your Backyard

Top 5 Reasons to Install a Natural Pool in Your BackyardNatural pools are a different approach to what we have come to expect for private pools. In place of chemicals, additives and trying to keep nature out of your pool, and instead something natural and beautiful takes place, giving you a serene spot to swim away your stresses and strains.

But what exactly is a natural pool – and why should you choose one?

1: Naturally clean water

Though many pools are kept clean with chlorine and chemicals, a natural pool avoids these skin irritants and unnatural additions – instead using natural plant life to keep the water clean.

Natural pools have two areas – a swimming area and a plant life area, through which the water is filtered. The roots and fibers of the plants filter the water, removing contaminants and consuming any bacteria from the environment and from those using the pool.

This biologically balanced system means that the pool is self-cleaning in a healthy, natural way that means those using the pool are protected from poisons, chemicals and skin damage that excessive exposure to chlorine can cause.

2: It’s more affordable!

Though actually building and creating a natural pool is a similar expense to creating a ‘traditional’ pool, the maintenance costs are considerably lower over the lifetime of the pool.

This is because you won’t need to invest in chemicals or electrical filtering systems. This means that once the pool is in place you will be spending less monthly, and have more time to just enjoy your pool.

3: Natural beauty.

There’s something hypnotic about the plants that make up the natural, cleansing area of a natural pool, the light dancing on the water as the plants thrive.

These natural areas are necessary for keeping the water clean and pure – and this can be created in a number of ways. Some people opt for a natural pool with a true, natural, wild plant area that adds a beautiful water garden to the yard as well as a clean swimming space. Others opt for a minimalist natural pool that looks more like a chemical pool, and takes advantage of clever planting at a distance, making the natural filter a more subtle feature of a yard. Both styles are equally beautiful, with the advantage of pure, clean water and chemical free swimming.

4: Environmentally friendly.

Not only are you adding plants and nature back into your yard with your natural pool you’re also reducing the number of chemicals that might leach into the area through water waste, possible leaks, or evaporation.

5: Peace of mind.

Your natural pool is a beautiful addition to your home, that costs you less to maintain, that cleans itself and protects the swimmer from chemicals, damage to hair and skin, and the hassle of measuring chlorine and more, and it protects the environment around you.

This all adds up to a soothing, relaxing place to swim, and gives you a haven from modern life that can look as sleek and modern as next door’s concrete pool, but gives you added benefits to your health and your wallet, free of the stresses of the everyday, surrounded by nature even in the center of a bustling city.

5 Great Reasons to Opt for a Natural Pool

5 Great Reasons to Opt for a Natural PoolA natural pool is a big change from the chemical pools we’re all used to – but there are a lot of benefits that make it a great option for your home.

1: Clean water – without chemicals!

Many modern pools are a delicate balancing act of adding and neutralizing chemicals, to clean the water and ensure it’s safe for swimming, free of any naturally occurring bacteria or debris.

Natural pools work entirely differently. A portion of the pool is for swimming – and portion for plants, which – as the water is filtered through them – naturally clean and purify the water, removing contaminants and consuming bacteria.

The chemicals we add to pools are not just expensive, but can cause skin problems, damage hair, and irritate. These risks are entirely removed when you choose a natural pool.

2: Low cost maintenance.

The design and build of a natural pool is a similar cost to installing any other design of pool. Once the installation and planting are complete, though, the maintenance costs for natural pools are considerably lower.

Gone are the high electricity fees for constantly running filters and pumps to ensure your pool stays clean.

Gone are the bills for pool cleaners to skim your water, add chemicals, test the water and more.

Instead your water maintains itself, without additions or chemicals, and the plant area removes bacteria and purifies the water as you enjoy the pool, meaning no down time as you wait for chemicals to balance out.

3: Natural pools are naturally beautiful.

As well as being necessary for cleaning the water in the pool the plants that make up the purifying area of a natural pool are beautiful additions to a yard.

The water sparkles, pure and clean, and the flowers and green plants thrive in the environment, making a serene and peaceful place to swim.

There are also ways to design a natural pool in which the plants that purify the water are placed at a distance, creating the illusion of a ‘traditional’ pool with all the benefits of a natural pool.

4: Environmentally friendly.

Natural pools protect the swimmer from harsh chemicals and possible damage to skin and hair, from irritation from regular exposure to chemicals that affect the skin’s natural pH balance, and from risks to health from handling these chemicals when maintaining the pool.

The water is cleaned naturally, which also means that the habitat around the pool isn’t damaged by added chemicals, but is instead naturally healthy.

5: Peace of mind.

Natural pools are beautiful, and a cheaper alternative to chemical pools.

Not only this but your health, and that of the environment, are protected.

This all adds up to a soothing, serene swim in a beautiful, natural place that benefits your health and your purse.

West Palm Beach FL Swimming Pool Repair

Get the Best West Palm Beach FL Swimming Pool Repair

West Palm Beach FL Swimming Pool RepairOne of the biggest benefits to living in the Palm Beaches of Florida is that you get to enjoy your swimming pool all year long. When the winter weather approaches the area, heat pumps ensure that you can still take a late night dip on Christmas Eve or even ring in New Year’s Day in the pool. When problems arise however, it is always best to contact the professionals so you don’t cause further damage and make costly repairs necessary. Here are just a few of the ways Pool Dr can maintain your pool so you are swimming all year issue free.

The swimming pool has many components that make the system run properly. One of the most important is the filtration system. Although many pools in this area have unique designs and different types of filter systems, they all work basically the same. If the filters are not operating properly you will be able to tell right away. Water will become cloudy or even turn a green color. Algae will begin to form around the edges of the pool and the filter may even make noises that are uncharacteristic of your smooth running system. In West Palm Beach FL swimming pool repair companies can be found in abundance but only a few will accurately diagnose the problem and have your pool’s water crystal clear again quickly.

Why Do it Yourself When You Have the Pool Doctor

Another area that you should never attempt to repair yourself is if you think your pool has a leak. Trying to patch the pool yourself can be very dangerous, and many times those patches are unable to stop the intense pressure of thousands of pounds of water pressing up against it. Pool Dr of the Palm Beaches has the right equipment to locate the source of the leak and then seal it so no water can escape in the future. Leaks near lighting and plumbing can be very difficult to detect and should be left to the experts.

As we discussed earlier, a heater is one of the best parts of having a pool is swimming in the cooler weather. The heat pump needs to be able to function properly when called upon to heat that amount of water. The professionals in West Palm Beach FL swimming pool repair s have extensive training on all the different types of heating pumps used in this region. The last thing you want when you have a party planned is to have ice cold pool water in the middle of December. Pool Dr will quickly diagnose the electrical issues or plumbing concerns associated with your heating pump and get it back running quickly.

Pool Repair Service In West Palm Beach, Florida

Make Room for Pool Repair Service in West Palm Beach Florida

Pool Repair in West Palm Beach FloridaWhether you own a pool or you maintain a pool that caters to many swimmers, you will eventually find a need for repairs or service to avoid danger and injuries. Inadequate pool repair or maintenance is sure to cause a snowball effect, and taking things into your own hands will lead to even costlier repairs; it can also lead to serious injury or death. The wisest decision anyone can make in these situations is to call professionals with extensive experience and a great reputation, especially when looking for a pool repair service in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Does your pool need service or repair? There are many red flags to notice when determining this. Some problems may arise overnight; others may come upon you slowly. For instance, your pool lights may quit working overnight. Electricity and water do not mix. Calling a pool repair specialist is vital in this situation. With proper licensing and certifications, a quality company has all the education and experience needed to fix the problem correctly without death or injury to anyone, most of all the individuals using the pool.

Other prime examples why owners should be using a pool repair/maintenance services include more slowly evolving problems, such as missing drain covers, cracked or crumbling tiles, disintegrating plasters, plaster that is blistering, and even rust stains. While these problems may seem very minimal at the time noticed, these situations result in breakdown of the entire pool structure and water loss, which will almost inevitably lead to dangerous accidents with time.

Most pool damage is not apparent just swimming in the pool. Regular safety inspections are necessary, but if you are just discovering this fact, pay close attention to the factors listed above, as they are your pool’s way of speaking to you silently.

Pool Doctor Offers Professional Pool Repair Service

In the Palm Beaches, and especially when looking for a pool repair service in West Palm Beach, Florida, these needs will be obvious due to consistent weather conditions. When seeking a pool repair or maintenance specialist that will take care of your needs properly, the first thing you should be aware of is any licensing and certification they carry. Are they an award winning company? How much experience do they have?

Also pay close attention to what specific repairs they do. Some companies may not be equipped or have enough experience to do the job at hand. Do they have a reputation for timeliness, quality, and good client communication? These are the necessities when searching for a pool repair company that is qualified for the job they are facing.

Remember all of these vital points. Thorough research is the difference between life or death, and remember, don’t attempt to repair a pool yourself!

Living in South Florida Can Be Hot … Repair That Swimming Pool and Cool Off!

Repair The Swimming Pool To Cool Off

Pool RepairOne of the best summer past times is swimming. It cools you off and supplies endless amounts of time for fun and games. This is why swimming pools can be a wonderful addition to any home. They provide a place for family and friends to gather and allow for wonderfully fun and refreshing entertainment, especially when the sun gets hot. If you already own a pool, then you are sure to know of all the fantastic benefits that a home swimming pool provides. However, pools take quite a bit of work to maintain, and sometimes they fall into disrepair.

If you own a pool that’s “broken”, it’s not doing much for you besides taking up space in your backyard. Not only is this wasting a fun resource, but it ultimately can lead to further damage as unused pool equipment will rust, fail and generally fall apart after long periods of time. If your pool has been out of commission for an extended period, several issues can and will arise. Don’t let that great investment erode away and turn into an ugly eye sore in your backyard. Get it fixed right away by calling a pool repair service, like the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, and avoid ruining your pool completely.

Do Not Do It Yourself Is Not Always Best For Pool Repair Service

Fixing a pool can be tricky and do-it-yourself attempts can often result in ineffectual repairs or further damage. Depending on what type of pool you have, above ground or in-ground, there can be any number of different issues that need consideration. Using a professional pool repair service takes all the guess work out of diagnosing what exactly is wrong with your pool, so the right repairs are made as fast as possible. Save yourself the time and headache of trying to fix it on your own and call a pool repair service right away.

It’s never too late to have your pool repaired, but the longer you wait the more costly and time consuming it will be. Protect your investment and your summer fun by calling the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches today!

When Should I Call a Pool Repair Service in Jupiter, Florida

Get Your Pool Repair Service Before It Is Too Late

Salt water pool2Owning a pool can have costly consequences if you don’t keep it regularly inspected and maintained. There are a variety of potential problems with any pool that may occur; and often, if the problem is left untreated, it can turn into a much larger and more expensive problem to fix. Because of this, it’s essential that when anything goes wrong with a pool, a skilled pool repair service, like the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, should be contacted in order to ensure no additional problems occur. Luckily, there are high quality pool companies for anyone who lives in South Florida and facing such problems.

Symptoms of Pool Damage

In order to know when to call a pool repair service, it’s essential to know some of the symptoms of a dysfunctional or damaged pool. One of the biggest problems that can occur within a pool is a leak. There are a few characteristic signs of a leak. Some of the most common are standing water and “mushy” water damaged ground areas around the outside of the pool. If water levels around the pool are building up it’s essential to have a trained pool repair service visit immediately before any more damage can occur.

One of the most evident symptoms of a pool leak is a rapid loss of water. If this occurs, call a pool repair service immediately. If the water is leaking into a bad location, it can create a variety of problems and can even damage the structural integrity of a home.

One of the most common pool problems is dysfunctional pool pumps. A pool that doesn’t have a working pump will cause still water to build up within the pool. This, in turn, can cause a lot of other problems. If this occurs, the pool should not be used until the pump has been fixed and the water thoroughly sanitized and inspected by a skilled pool repair service.

Preventative Measures- Call a Pool Repair Service Jupiter, FL

Anyone who wants to ensure their pool is functioning well and in good repair should have regular pool inspections. These inspections are typically inexpensive and can help prevent problems before they happen, saving lots of money in the long-run. Additionally, ensure the levels of chlorine are maintained in order to ensure there are no algae growths, which can cause problems with the pump or surface of the pool.

Luckily, no matter how bad the problem becomes, there is always a pool repair service that can fix the problem.

Award Winning Boynton Beach Pool Company Pool Doctor Will Provide You With Quality Pool Services

Pool Doctor, A Boynton Beach Pool Company Will Help Keep You Cool and Refreshed


Boynton Beach pool company Pool Doctor will keep you cool and refreshed. Get your personal pool installed today.

Living in a tropical area like Boynton Beach often means participating in efforts to cool off! Spray bottles, cold showers and running through the sprinklers are all good fun but nothing beats hopping into your own pool. The average high in the hottest summer months of Boynton Beach is 90 degrees. Making it to the public pool or coordinating a trip to the beach to escape that kind of weather can be a hassle. Not to mention the crowds of people that gather in public places, making it hard to find enough space to relax. Boynton Beach pool company Pool Doctor can assist you with keeping cool and refreshed.

Boynton Beach Pool Company Pool Doctor Will Provide You with Your Private and Safe Pool

Having a personal pool ensures privacy and ultimate leisure in the privacy of your own home. Who wouldn’t want that kind of luxury? If you are trying to beat the heat, Pool Doctor, A Boynton Beach pool company is right for you. We offer residential in ground pool construction, pool and spa maintenance and repair, pool remodeling and resurfacing, pool water leak detection, we have certified pool stain specialists, and we offer a pool inspection service.

Get Serviced by the Award Winning Pool Doctor, a Boynton Beach Pool Company with a Great Client Reputation

Our reputation will not disappoint as we service many respectable clients in the Palm Beach area like PGA National and Andover. We’ve also received several awards for our winning services, so putting your pool needs in our hands is a smart choice. You should be confident that the continued maintenance of your pool will be simple with Boynton Beach pool company Pool Doctor informative website, featuring frequently asked questions.

There is no need to worry over something that is meant for relaxation! We can answer your questions about cleaning and pool heaters. Whether you look up your inquiry on our website or give us a call, rest assured that we will offer you the best advice and solutions. We have been in the business of pool services for over 25 years. Our experience helps maintain our good reputation and customer satisfaction.

Pool Doctor Announces Winner!

Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches announces  the winner of the February 2013 (4) free weeks of pool service.  The winner is Tim M. of West Palm Beach, Florida.  Tim, we are so honored to serve you and your pool.  Congratulations!

Would you like to enter to win (4) weeks of free pool service? Contact us at customerservice@poolspalmbeaches.com  or call us today at  (561) 203-0270 for details.

Top 10 Reasons to Have Pool Service in Palm Beach


Pool ServiceHaving your own swimming pool is a thrilling idea. It should always be a source of enjoyment and relaxation. If you are the type of pool owner who would rather spend more type enjoying their pool than maintaining it,  you’ll need regular pool maintenance provided with a pool cleaning service.


Some pool owners try to perform all of the pool cleaning and pool maintenance chores themselves and may not feel they need to have pool service. Their reasons may be because they think it’s usually an easy task or that pool service is expensive. But pool maintenance and pool cleaning is an on-going task that pool owners cannot ignore or delay because bigger and more expensive problems are the result of improper pool care or neglect.


Below are the top ten reasons why many pool owners in Palm Beach County decide to use a pool service company instead of doing the job themselves.


  1. Be Confident about Proper Pool maintenance-If you hire a pool service professional for your pool care and cleaning, you can rest assured that your pool is being maintained regularly as it should.
  2. Water balance and filtration-These elements are crucial to pool maintenance. Pool service technicians should regularly check the water, adjust its balance and check for proper filtration. If pool water doesn’t have proper balance or is not being filtered properly, it can affect your pool’s appearance and value, as well as your health.
  3. Save your time- Why spend your time on pool cleaning and pool maintenance when it could be better spent with your family and friends?  Proper pool care is a serious time commitment, if done properly. Any compromise can affect the quality and cleanliness of your pool.
  4. Replacement and repair-Sometimes, the parts of your pool might need replacements or special equipment is needed to make repairs. With the DIY approach, these issues can turn into major problems. A quality pool service company will employ trained and certified pool operators and technicians who can detect issues early and provide you with options regarding repair or replacement of pool equipment.
  5. Scheduled, regular pool service- A pool service company can have a pool professional at your pool location on a pre-scheduled and consistent basis. Service schedules are usually weekly or twice-a-week depending on the customers needs.
  6. Pool plaster and tile care-The plaster of your pool develops problems over the time. Pool plaster and tile gets dirty, stained and cracked with regular use. Cleaning and maintaining your pool plaster and tile can be a tough job; one that you might not want to do yourself.  A pool service company can take proper care of your pool plaster and tile to keep your pool sparkling.
  7. Experience and training- The experience, training and knowledge that certified pool operators have is vastly different from that of most pool owners  or some pool technicians that have not undergone certification.
  8. Expert advice-A professional pool service company will be able to give you expert advice for general maintenance and repair as well as options on cost efficient equipment. New pool technology is evident and items like LED pool lights and low energy heaters and variable speed pumps have come a long way in the last few years. Your pool service professional should keep you updated about new pool technology and options if a pool remodel is necessary. .
  9. Time to Enjoy- Lastly, a professional pool service company does the dirty work which gives you more time to enjoy your pool.


Finding the best professional pool service company can take some time. Referrals, awards and testimonials are a good way to help make your decision on the best pool service company for your needs.


Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches is an awarding winning pool service company who has been recognized by Angie’s List as well as others.  Our customers have come to expect a higher level of service and we are happy to deliver.  All of our pool technicians are CPO certified and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience when they are servicing your pool needs.


You’ll find our fees to be very competitive, so contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches today to discuss your pool service needs or click here.


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