Blue-Green Algae in Swimming Pools and Spas

Algae – A Good Reason for Proper Pool Maintenance

Cyanobacteria, otherwise known as blue-green algae, are a form of bacteria. Blue-green algae are commonly found in water filled environments such as swimming pools because it thrives in sunlight. Even small amounts of these bacteria can develop rapidly when the pool sanitizer levels drop and the water condition is favorable, resulting in a pool of green water.algae

Blue-green algae are microscopic organisms that can be present in the water without being noticed until the chemicals used to sanitize the pool are not maintained at adequate or consistent levels which can result in a blue-green algae outbreak. When this occurs, the water color of the affected pool or spa will alter depending on its severity. Most of the time its color will be green and then will turn bluish as the algae begins to multiply. The presence of too much algae with this kind of trait is called bloom.

The presence of blue-green algae signals problems for the pool owner because it is difficult to eradicate completely. The best approach is preventive maintenance, which is why it is important to clean and maintain the pool and spa with consistency, especially when temperatures are at their highest. Algaecide used on a regular basis can also help prevent algae.

In the presence of algae blooms, specific procedures involving chemicals are necessary to clean the water and remove the algae. One of the most effective methods of removal is called shocking. Shocking is when large amounts of chlorine are mixed in the water to kill the algae resulting in the water appearing cloudy, which indicates the algae are dead. The pool surfaces must be brushed thoroughly and the pool must be vacuumed to further remove any remnants. After shocking, the water should be tested.

A salt water chlorinator is another method to consider acquiring in order to avoid algae growth. The sanitizing level of the water remains consistent on a daily basis which controls and diminishes the growth of algae.

These are some of the reasons why pool and spa owners benefit from maintenance performed by pool professionals. If you are uncomfortable determining the chemicals and the quantity needed to get the most effective outcome or you prefer not to handle or be exposed to the chemicals needed to keep your pool or spa in a clear and healthy condition, consider allowing a pool professional to provide the right maintenance and cleaning options for you. Many pool and spa owners in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas depend on the professionals at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches to keep their pools clean and clear.  Contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches if you have questions about algae in your pool or  pool maintenance or click here.


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Pool Maintenance Costs

Pool owners know that pool maintenance demands costs for chemicals, equipment, not to mention a substantial investment in time if they do it themselves, in order to keep the pool crystal clean and inviting. These costs in Palm Beach Florida will vary depending on the level of service needed. Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches will handle the dirty work for you, maintaining your pool so you can experience optimum enjoyment.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Regular cleaning is one of the first steps necessary to keep your pool and pool equipment working as efficiently as possible. Skimming the water surface, scrubbing the pool walls and vacuuming the bottom of the pool to remove the dust and debris that gathers will minimize pipes and filters being clogged. Pool maintenance also includes inspection and cleaning of the filters as necessary. It is recommended that pool filters be replaced every 12 months, though they require consistent cleaning between replacements.

Pool Maintenance Health

Healthy pools also require chemicals which kill any bacteria in the water that have the potential to make swimmers ill. Maintaining chemical balance is essential to avoid harm not only to the pool equipment but also to the swimmer. Achieved through water sampling and testing, it must be performed weekly in order to maintain a proper pH balance. Proper pH balance minimizes calcification of the pool equipment and maximizes comfort for the swimmers as highly alkaline water can cause burning eyes and itchy skin.

Weather also plays a big role. While pool owners in Palm Beach, Florida have the benefit of sunny, warm weather most of the year, lack of maintenance on a regular basis will make the pool susceptible to the development of algae, which can be tough to eradicate. If algae is present acid washing is a viable option, however, it should be performed by pool professionals who know how to do the job safely and effectively. Additional chemicals and equipment may be required to remove it, depending on the type of algae present. Click here for more information about Black Algae.

Why risk your investment with inconsistent pool maintenance? Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches offers experienced, professional swimming spa and pool maintenance packages, customized based on your needs and budget.

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Florida Pool Energy Law – What You Need to Know

Florida Pool Energy LawIf you are one of the many in Florida who own a pool or spa either at home or anywhere else, then you must have heard about the new Florida Pool Energy Law; a law mandating pool owners to junk their old energy-wasting pool pumps and replace it with an high efficient and energy-saving pump. The aim of the law is to minimize the overwhelming monthly energy demand brought by inefficient and low profile pool and spa energy pumps.

The Florida Pool Energy Law

Following the State of California with their pool energy law, Florida has also launched a law banning the sale, use, and installation of the old single-speed pool pumps. The state requires all owners to replace their old version of single-speed pumps (1hp or higher) to a new variable speed pump which will save a lot more energy (approximately 90% savings each month) and will extend the life of the pump greatly.

This law started as House Bill 7135 last 2008 and has faced final editing as House Bill 849 in 2010. During this final edit, codes effective date is now extended from December 31, 2011 to March 15, 2012 to ensure a well-established enforcement.

The Codes Requirements

As to requirements, the state mandates every pool owner to meet the requirements set at the Florida Pool Energy Code. Here is how the requirement is read:

  • those filtration pool pump motors in residential homes cannot be types that are split phased, capacitor start-induction run, or split-phased;
  • the pumps should be with at least two speeds, it could not be with just one horsepower;
  • pool filter pump controls used for multi-speed pumps should also be at least with 2 speeds;
  • portable spas should meet a specific standby power;
  • the heating systems of spas and pools that are manufactured or used since 2007 and before have no bearing in this laws requirements;
  • default pool filtration speed should be at a certain speed rate that will not turnover the pool in a time that is less than six hours and as to high speed override, the default filtration speed should be less than 24 hours.

Believe it or not there are actual true benefits of this upcoming law for consumers.

Did you know that your pool pump is the #1 energy consumption appliance in the home?

Did you know that your existing 1hp pool pump is wasting $807 per year in electric costs?

Florida legislators should be thanked for passing this law. The initial expense is higher, but your return on investment for this new pump will be less than 24 months.

If you are interested in the dramatic energy and maintenance cost savings using a new variable speed pump please contact us today for a free energy evaluation and on-site consultation at 561.586.2815 or email


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Myths and Facts:

When I get red eyes while swimming, it means there is too much chlorine in the water and does it matter if i have a salt water pool?

If you have a salt water pool instead of a chlorinated pool you can still have the burning sensation on your eyes and throat because contrary to popular belief it’s not the chlorine that burns you. Red eyes and itchy skin are usually caused by improper pH or high chloramine levels. Surprisingly, the pool may actually need additional chlorine treatment to get rid of chloramines and sanitize the water.


If I do my pool myself it will be cost effective and save me money.

Pools may look easy to take care of but they actually are not. It might be cost effective in the short term but in the long term you can get into trouble with costly repairs. It’s best to let a professional handle the upkeep of your pool.
As long as a child is wearing a diaper in the pool, there’s no chance for a contamination of the water.

Accidents from diapered children pose a risk of contamination. To minimize this risk, parents must wash children thoroughly, front and back, with soap and water, and make sure a clean, form-fitting swim diaper is worn by the child at all times. Just remember that swim diapers are not leak proof.

When I smell the strong odor of pool chemicals, it means the swimming pool water is very clean.

The heavy chemical odor is not from chlorine. It means that unhealthy chloramines have formed in the water, created from the mix of chlorine and contaminants. Chloramines are not as effective in disinfecting swimming pool water. A well-maintained pool has little odor.

I can�t get sick from swimming in a pool.

Swimming is a fun and healthy activity. However, swallowing, breathing, or having contact with contaminated water from swimming pools can spread illnesses. In fact, the number of outbreaks associated with swimming has increased over the past decade. Be very careful when choosing a pool company that is giving a steal of a price, chemicals are expensive and when not used properly can cause these problems.

Pool Doctors Guide to a Happy Pool!

Signs to look for when maintaining your pool

If your water is turning a different color call your pool professional immediately as this might have been caused by rain or too few chemicals when your pool was serviced.

It’s important that your pool maintain a perfect balance at all times so it will be ready when you are!

The water is too low! Especially in the dryer parts of the country the water seems to evaporate quickly. Always call your pool professional before adding water to the pool. If you add water on Tuesday and the service day was Monday they wont be back until that next Monday and thats too many days without the perfect balance! They will also be able to tell you know how much or how long to run the hose. If they are excellent at customer service and are in the area they might be able to do it for you!


Safety � Kids out of school

With the kids out of school and the moms and dads busy we sometimes forget how fast those little ones can get to the pool. Try to set up your work station at the pool if need be and never leave a child unattended, whether it be the phone ringing, doorbell or dog barking.


Snowbirds- We all have em!

For those Snowbirds it’s anyone’s guess if their pool company has even shown up! Some wait until the day before you return to clean the pool. Make sure your company makes you aware of their being there by having the tech sign and date the card. This should be a standard practice especially for those that are out of town for months at a time! Have a neighbor check your pool on your pool cleaning days to see if it was touched. If not, you know what to do, call Pool Doctor!! If so, just bring your kind neighbor a little something from your travels. Before you head out of town let the company know the date and when you expect to return so they can make arrangements with the guard, front gate person or neighbor if the tech needs special entry onto the grounds.


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  • Skim pool surface.
  • Clean filters or backwash filter as needed
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