Pool Heaters during a Florida Winter

A swimming pool provides luxury, pleasure, and health benefits. So why not maximize these benefits by using your swimming pool year-round? As Florida winters are pleasant, you can extend your swimming season by simply installing a pool heater. Palm Beach pool service can help you with the installation and maintenance of a pool heater.

Florida WinterPool Heaters Ensure Use and Maintenance of the Pool

When you install a pool heater, you make it possible to use your swimming pool during the often warm Florida winter. When you use your pool throughout the entire year, it requires more maintenance. You can hire a pool care company in West Palm Beach for weekly maintenance of your pool.

Pool Heater Maintenance in Florida Winter-

Here are some tips on pool heater maintenance in Florida winter-

  • Before you start using your pool heater this winter, call your trusted pool service to thoroughly check the pool heater. It will help detect any problems with the pool heater and correct them beforehand.
  • The pool service professionals will also check the filters and test the water chemistry and balance of your swimming pool before rendering it appropriate for swimming.
  • Switch on the pool heater for a short while to see if it is working properly. It will give you an idea whether the pool heater is heating the water as per its efficiency or otherwise. If you sense any problem such as slow heating, you need to repair it by calling a pool professional.
  • You must install an appropriate pool heater for your swimming pool to heat it coherently. If you think the one you have installed doesn’t correspond to the heating requirement of your pool, get a new one.
  • It is best to leave the maintenance of your pool heater to a weekly pool service company in West Palm Beach.

As winter season is approaching, we at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches want to make sure that pool heaters of all our customers are working properly.







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