What Is Licensing? – To Build and Maintain Pools & Spas

Build and Maintain Pools & Spas

I heard from a friend that a county health official he met at his gated community pool was on the verge of closing the pool for several days because the ph level was too low. The official had shut down 20 spas that same day. The community […]

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Pool Heaters during a Florida Winter

Florida Winter

A swimming pool provides luxury, pleasure, and health benefits. So why not maximize these benefits by using your swimming pool year-round? As Florida winters are pleasant, you can extend your swimming season by simply installing a pool heater. Palm Beach pool service can help you with the […]

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Maintain Your Pool With Automatic Cleaners and Weekly Professional Pool Cleaning

Maintain Pool With Automatic Cleaners and Weekly Professional Cleaning

Pools can be used for fun, exercise, and to add to your home, but no matter what the use, they all require proper pool maintenance. Pools are constantly littered with dirt, leaves, and other debris, making it hard to keep clean. Even pools with automatic pool cleaners […]

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Harmful Bacteria That Can Grow in Your Pool

When we swallow swimming pool water, we usually quickly ignore it. Possibly because we’ve always been told that chlorine can kill all germs and bacteria living the pool water. However, this is not true. In fact,  the Center for Disease Control and Prevention proved that sometimes pathogens […]

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Maintaining Your Pool’s Chemical and Balance Requires a Professional

There are five chemical levels that every pool owner needs to keep track of, namely chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid. Plus four other chemical levels that come up frequently, these are combined chlorine, salt, borate and phosphate. All nine are important components of your […]

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The Best Pool Cleaning Company in West Palm Beach is…. Us! But Don’t Take Our Word For it

Here at Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches, we love getting feedback from our customers. Your online reviews show us that we really are the best pool cleaning company in West Palm Beach, and we are absolutely thrilled! We take a lot of pride in our work, […]

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Pool Maintenance Tips for Commercial and Residential Owners

Whether you are maintaining swimming pool for private or public use, they both require regular pool service. The contaminants and risks are similar in both, but commercial pools tend to be larger and see more swimmers than residential ones. Pool cleaning involves more than just scrubbing and […]

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4 Vital Pool Maintenance Tips for Public or Well-Used Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool maintenance is more complicated than it looks, especially when it comes to maintaining the right balance of chemicals to effectively contain contaminants, microbial infections and diseases. A study on chemical contaminants in swimming pools found that disinfection by-product levels vary due to many factors like the […]

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POOL DOCTOR: Essential Facts on Pool Saltwater Chlorination vs Ozone

You’re still probably caught up between the most widely used pool sanitization systems, specifically saltwater chlorination and ozone, so here are some straight facts to consider. How Pool Saltwater Chlorination and Ozone Works Saltwater Chlorination involves electrolysis, a chemical process that produces sanitizer in the form of […]

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Salt Water Pool Cleaning

Some of the most common questions regarding the cleaning and maintenance of a salt water pool are part-specific questions (saltwater filter versus saltwater cell) or questions about the water, whether it is damaging the lawn or plants. Along with this comes concerns about regulations governing the draining […]

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