Pool Leak Detection and Repair

pool leak detection

Pool Leak Causes and Solutions Your pool will naturally lose water to evaporation and some splash out.  But if you have noticed that you’ve had to add more water to your pool every week than usual, you might have a pool leak.  A pool leak is far […]

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Whitefly Infestation Detection

gumbolimbosprirling whitefly

Steps to Detect & Contain Whitefly Infestation in & around Your Swimming Pool South Florida is popularly known for its pristine beaches and lazy sunshine. This beautiful region, though, has an infestation problem. Along with its seemingly vast immigrants of catfish, pythons, and parakeets, the Rugose Spiraling […]

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Pool Care – Avoiding RWI’s This Summer

pool care under water

Proper pool care is vital to minimize the chance of becoming sick after you’ve been in a swimming pool.  Recreational water illnesses, otherwise known as RWIs, are illnesses that are acquired by breathing, swallowing, or being in contact with contaminated water from pools, spas, rivers, and other […]

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Swimming Pool Maintenance – When a Hurricane Approaches

swimming pool maintenance - hurricane

Swimming pool maintenance should be a regular part of any pool owner’s routine. But, once you hear the forecast of an impending hurricane, you must prepare to safeguard yourself, your family, and your home. But have you also prepared for safeguarding your swimming pool? While it is […]

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Summertime Pool Maintenance – Importance of Testing your Pool Water Frequently

pool maintenance - ph test kit

Pool Maintenance- Why is pH important? Testing your pool water is an essential step in pool maintenance to help you comfort and safety. In order to prevent these imbalances, regular pool cleaning is vital. Now that it is summer, it is no surprise that you have been […]

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Outdoor Ambience with Pool Lighting

Set the Mood with your Pool Lighting More and more homeowners today are extending their living spaces outdoors, particularly around swimming pools. And because people want their living spaces to have a great ambience to relax and unwind, pool remodeling through the installation of beautiful pool lighting […]

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Whitefly Infestation and Your Swimming Pool: What You Can Do


Whiteflies are small insects with white wings. They might seem harmless but they release a sap-like residue (commonly referred to as “honeydew”) that annoyingly covers plants, trees, cars, and practically anything found outdoors. Today, more and more homeowners are experiencing the consequences brought about by their presence […]

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Pool Maintenance – Why Is My Pool Water Cloudy?

pool maintenance - keep pool water sparkling

Pool Maintenance – Necessary to Keep Pool Water Sparkling! Splashing around in your swimming pool is one of the best ways to cool off and have fun. However, a cloudy and murky pool takes away all the excitement of this activity. Cloudy pool water does not necessarily […]

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Pool Safety – Take Precaution with Sun Exposure

pool safety - sun exposure

Pool Safety Includes Limiting your Exposure to the Sun’s UV Radiation Getting some sunlight can actually be healthy, and fun too, especially when you are splashing around in your swimming pool.  However, when the sun it at its hottest, its ultraviolet (UV) radiation can give you a […]

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Spa Remodel – Options to Rejuvenate your Spa

spa remodel

Pool and Spa Remodel – Is it Time to Rejuvenate your Spa?   Should your spa be both a visual and functional element? Many would answer – Yes!  A spa should definitely be both visual and functional. After all, what’s the point of having a visual spa […]

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