Infographics- Seven Safety Items You Need in and Around Your Pool

When it comes to swimming pool safety, there are a few must haves for your backyard pool. Fence – a mandatory pool safety equipment requirement for most local codes and critical for keeping unwanted guests out of the pool. Alarm – in the pool or on a […]

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What you don’t know about your pool can hurt you


Do you know everything about your pool? Chances are you don’t. In this podcast episode we discuss how what you don’t know about your pool can actually hurt you. Podcast Transcript: Welcome to the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast. With your hosts, Holly Colasurdo […]

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Infographics – Steps to Clean a Green Pool

Steps to Clean a Green Pool You are blessed to live in Southern Florida. However, one of the inconveniences of the warm tropical climate is the tendency of pool water to turn green. What causes the water in your pool to turn green? Tiny marine creatures known […]

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Advanced Features of Pool Automation

Pool Automation

Pool technology has come a long way, and today, pool systems come with several automated features that provide comfort, convenience, and an overall improved experience to users. Swimming pool automation systems are useful not only because they can make the entire pool experience better but also because […]

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Infographics – Maintaining a Healthy Swimming Pool Temperature

Maintaining Healthy Swimming Pool Temperature

Maintaining a Healthy Swimming Pool Temperature An important announcement brought to you by The Pool Doctors of the Palm Beaches. Too many pool owners don’t adhere to proper pool heating methods and fail to keep the temperature in their pools at a desired level. Why is swimming […]

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Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches Offers 5 Expert Services to Local Pool Owners

Expert Services to Local Pool Owners

You may think you have your pool care covered, but the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches goes above and beyond basic pool care and does things most pool owners never even think of. In fact, too many pool owners remain ignorant regarding pool water balancing, pool […]

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Holiday Pool Services and Ideas


This podcast is about pool service and ideas for the Holidays. Podcast Transcript: Welcome to the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast, with your hosts Holly Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian. Elizabeth: Hey everybody, it’s Elizabeth Varian. I’m here with Holly Colasurdo from Pool Doctor of […]

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Top 4 Swimming Pool Construction Pipe Material Types

pool construction pipe material

One of the most frustrating elements of having and maintaining a pool are leaks. Not only are they difficult to find and fix, but they can also be quite costly to manage. The best way to avoid leaks from occurring is to ensure that the pool pipe […]

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Swimming Pool Slides and Games: Design & Construction

  Video Transcript: Swimming Pool Slides and Games: Design & Construction  Looking for a way to rejuvenate your pool? Consider the following additions: Basketball hoops Splash pads Diving boards Pool slides   Important: These can be difficult to add after construction is completed. Consult with your pool […]

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Add Value to Your Home With Concrete Swimming Pools

        Video Transcript: From fiberglass and metal to PVC plastic and concrete,swimming pools can be made from a variety of different materials. But if your primary concern is quality, then you’ll have a difficult time finding a more durable pool material than that of concrete swimming pools.  According to The […]

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