All About Swimming Pool Algae

  Video Transcript Pool algae are microscopic, marine plant organisms. There are over 21,000 types of algae.  Blue-green algae are most common on water or pool surfaces. Easy removal. Yellow algae are second most common, found on shaded surfaces. Resistant to removal. Black and pink are the […]

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Residential Pools: To Build or not to build


Podcast Transcript This podcast is about building residential pools. Welcome to the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast with your hosts Holly Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian. Elizabeth Varian:  Hey everybody, welcome back to Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches pool podcast. We’ve got Holly on […]

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Choose the Best Swimming Pool Tiles for You!

  Video Transcript Choose the Best Swimming Pool Tiles for You! Swimming pool tiles are used both in the pool and on the deck. Features of  swimming pool tiles includes color and design, use location, and durability. They come in a variety of color and types – neutrals are the current trend. Use slip resistant swimming pool tiles on the deck or pool bottom for safety. Lifetime guarantee against damage, injury and color fading saves future costs. Types of swimming pool tiles for pool floor and wall can be slate, stone or  pebble. Blue and white tiles are best for deep water for depth perception – avoid darkish tiles. Know what maintenance and type of cleansers are required. Mosaic swimming pool tiles are best in glass, porcelain or ceramic. Brought to you by Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches Your one stop company for all your pool installation and servicing needs!  

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Swimming Pool Water Chemistry Levels – Fact Sheet

pool water chemistry

Pool Water chemistry is important to proper pool maintenance. Here are the different elements of water chemistry (unless noted otherwise, check two to three times a week): pH Level Keep between 7.4 and 7.6 Below 7 – water is too acidic corrodes walls and irritates skin use […]

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Online Company Pool Reviews


How does a pool company collect the reviews from their customers? Listen to this podcast now. Podcast Transcript: Welcome to the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast. With your Hosts, Holly Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian. Elizabeth: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another edition of Pool […]

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Pool Exercises… Better Than a Gym & Much More Fun!

pool exercises

There are all types of gyms in Palm Beach County, especially in West Palm Beach. They offer all types of workout routines … personal trainers, yoga, Pilates, weight resistance – both free weights and universal machines, cardio, and so much more. But there’s one problem with going […]

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Top 10 Swimming Pool Games for Kids

  Video Transcript: Top 10 Swimming Pool Games for Kids If your kids are looking for something fun to do on a hot summer day, here’s a list of the top 10 swimming pool games for kids.   Marco Polo – You close your eyes and call out, […]

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Professionalism in the Pool Industry


This podcast is about the professionalism in the pool industry. Podcast Transcript Welcome to the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast with your host, Holly Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian. Elizabeth Varian :  Hey everybody. Welcome to Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches podcast. Got Holly […]

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Types of Deck Designs for Swimming Pools & Spas Matter in Jupiter, Florida

Deck Designs for Swimming Pools

    Here, in Jupiter, Florida, we have the sun shining a good share of the year. With historical average highs from 75 to 90 degrees, we spend a good share of our leisure time in the water. Yet, going to the beach is not always the […]

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12 Things to Ask When Buying a Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Like a vacuum for your home carpeting, a pool vacuum cleaner vacuums the bottom of your pool and spa and is part of your overall swimming pool care. Before buying a pool vacuum cleaner, ask your professional these 12 important questions: Is the vacuum right for your […]

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